Joshua Johnson

Joshua Johnson is the creator and host of Truth Be Told, a special series on race from KQED and PRI. Prior to creating the show, he served as the station's morning news anchor for five-and-half years. Prior to joining KQED, Joshua spent six years as an anchor/reporter for WLRN Miami Herald News. He's a native of South Florida, with degrees from the University of Miami. His reporting and newscasting have won awards from the Radio Television Digital News Association and from the National Association of Black Journalists. Joshua is also active in his union, SAG-AFTRA. He lives in San Francisco.

3 Tips For Dealing With Racially Insensitive Remarks

If you’re a person of color, it’s probably already happened: you’re on the job, out with friends, spending time with family or just going about your life… and BOOM! You’re on the spot! Someone has said something stupid, and now it’s your move. What do you do? It may just be easier to fire back … Continue reading 3 Tips For Dealing With Racially Insensitive Remarks →

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Online Racial Profiling Divides Neighbors of Color

Some social networks, including Nextdoor, have changed their policies after a number of racial profiling incidents between real-life neighbors. One controversy broke out at a neighborhood in Oakland, California, focused on Nextdoor’s “neighborhood watch” function. Some residents got upset when they realized the “suspicious” people white members posted about tended to be people of color. Hear from … Continue reading Online Racial Profiling Divides Neighbors of Color →

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Life As A Jewish Latina Girl? ¡Meshugenismo!

What is it like being a mixed-race person of color who’s always perceived as white? For one young woman it can make for a life that’s just meshugenismo. Maya Cueva of Berkeley, California tells us her story of learning to live between two worlds. Special thanks to Youth Radio for bringing us Maya’s story.

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The Ultrasound Insult

What do you do when your in-laws, make you feel like an outsider? If the rift is racial, it might mean having a very uncomfortable family conversation. It all started at Christmastime, with the announcement of a new baby on the way. But not all the in-laws cheered when the happy, interracial couple showed the ultrasounds. How … Continue reading The Ultrasound Insult →

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Life In A Multiracial Family

You can’t pick your family, but if you’re from a multiracial family you have to pick your battles. Which battles do you fight over people who can’t pronounce your name, people who don’t know what social box to put you in, people who say stupid things to you because they just don’t know what to say? Meet … Continue reading Life In A Multiracial Family →

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Ruining The Company Holiday Party

Here are two things that should never go together: racism… and alcohol. Especially at the company holiday party. Imagine someone in the office having one too many and making a thoughtless, racially charged remark. And we all know how subtle drunks are! How would you handle it? Hear about a real-life encounter just like this from NPR Correspondent Karen Grigsby … Continue reading Ruining The Company Holiday Party →

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White in America

What does it mean to be white? If you’ve never thought about it… you’re not alone. People of color wrestle with racial issues all the time. In this hour, white people: it’s your turn. We’ll hear from whites who are trying to support racial equality, struggling with their own identities, or realizing how little they know about America’s racial landscape.