David Weir

David Weir is KQED's senior editor for digital news.  He previously worked at Rolling Stone, Salon, Wired Digital, Excite@Home, Mother Jones, and as a co-founder and executive director of the Center for Investigative Reporting. Over the past 40 years, he and his teams have won dozens of awards, including a National Magazine Award, an IRE Award and a Webby. He has authored or co-authored four books, including (with Mark Schapiro) Circle of Poison. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Michigan, and has taught journalism at the University of California at Berkeley, Stanford and San Francisco State.
Ride-share company Lyft is the subject of a class action complaint. (Photo courtesy of Lyft).

How the CPUC’s New Rules Will Affect Ride-sharing Startups

When the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) proposed new rules on Tuesday to govern the emerging ride-sharing startups, many of which are headquartered in San Francisco, the news was greeted as a victory by Lyft, Sidecar and Uber. And it is a victory, since as recently as last fall, the companies were facing cease-and-desist orders … Continue reading How the CPUC’s New Rules Will Affect Ride-sharing Startups →