Guns are once again a hot topic in Sacramento. Tuesday the Assembly Public Safety Committee will consider four bills regulating guns. Among the measures is one by Democrat Marc Levine that would expand the state’s assault weapons ban to include firearms with a button that allows magazines to be easily detached.

“This makes it very easy to change magazines,” says the San Rafael legislator. “Literally in a second (you can) go from one ten-clip magazine to another one, so that shooters can fire more bullets.”

The committee will also take up a measure that would more broadly expand the definition of an assault weapon. Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a similar bill in 2013. Levine says he believes the political climate is different in the wake of mass shootings like the one in San Bernardino. But Claremont McKenna government professor Jack Pitney is not convinced.

“On this issue public opinion tends to be pretty entrenched,” he says. “The people who support stricter regulation of firearms tend to be pretty firm, and the people who oppose stricter regulation of firearms also tend to be pretty firm.”

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is choosing to bypass the Legislature in his attempt to further gun control. His proposed ballot initiative would require background checks for ammunition purchases and ban possession of large-capacity magazines.

Assembly Poised to Take Up Gun Control Measures 29 February,2016Katie Orr

  • MrApple

    And NONE of these “feel good measures” will do ANYTHING to stop the violence that plagues our society. But they WILL unduly burden the law abiding citizens and uphold the illusion of safety of a Gun Free Zone.

    • PD Reader

      And the Gun Free Zones just invite the coward nut criminals who couldn’t care less about any laws anyway because they know there’s that much less chance of their victims being able to defend themselves against the cowards’ attacks.

      • MrApple


  • kinkinhood

    I have still always found the constant go after of semi automatic rifles to be fascinating in the sense that they’re so rarely used in crime outside of usually very high profile situations(such as the school shootings) yet they are always the first that people will attempt to ban.

    • gunsandrockets

      When the goal is to ban as many firearms as possible, there is a perverse logic to banning so-called “assault weapons” first. And California has already gone way beyond its rifle ban and banned the sale of most new models of handguns.

      The tragedy is that all that repression is for nothing. Even dirt poor Kentucky has a much lower murder rate than California, despite California’s strict gun-control laws.

      The only thing anti-gun efforts accomplish is the harm of peaceful people. Gun-control laws don’t improve public safety, in fact they arguably reduce public safety by diverting law enforcement resources away from fighting real crimes. All that gun-control laws accomplish is the creation of victimless crimes.

  • Granny Simms

    I have a unique concept for the anti-gun politicians who feel the pressing need to pass new laws furthering their agendas.

    Instead of punishing law abiding citizens for the acts of criminals, how about you pass new laws to increase the time the criminals spend in jail.

  • JMBO

    WTF is a 10-CLIP magazine???
    You can see that the IGNORANT few are trying to regulate the LAW-ABIDING majority. I have but one thing to say:


    • 191145

      It is the same thing as a ” 30 magazine clip in 1/2 a second “. De Leon in cali says so.

  • FiftycalTX

    Yah, pass more laws that keep LAW ABIDING people unarmed. Why not just declare independence from the U.S. and all those pesky RIGHTS and just start CONFISCATING guns? Then only the government that you love so much and criminals will be armed.

  • schotts

    That is a standard capacity magazine, not a high capacity clip

  • SF Sunset Guy

    So the definition of “assault weapon” is basically anything the legislators deem them to be?

    Aren’t pretty much all semi-auto handguns equipped with a button to release the magazines?

    • liquidflorian

      Some HK pistols have a leaver, and AK pattern and HK91/PTR91 have leavers. As well as the M1(M14).

  • SSG ROCK VN 67-71

    So glad that I live in a FREE state.

    • Frank_in_Spokane

      Amen, brother.

      • SoCalCop

        And yet Washington is as liberal as California. You just haven’t experienced the massive amount of gun control that we have…yet.

        • Frank_in_Spokane

          We have our share of lefty libs — and they all live over there in King County, and run the rest of the state like it’s their own little playground.

          We moved up here from Phoenix about 7-8 years ago. While I loved AZ’s politics, the summers were murder! Both born in OH, we missed 4 seasons something fierce. With my parents and brother in Billings, and my sister in Tacoma, Spokane made sense.

          And I was heartened to learn that WA has had shall-issue concealed carry since 1961.

          Did a MC rally in Fortuna two years ago … NoCal / “Jefferson” seemed like a whole different country from SoCal! I think we may be overdue for a re-arrangement of some state lines, maybe divide Cali, make eastern WA and OR part of ID … we shall see.


          • SoCalCop

            Actually, I’ve experienced Washington state, and I was rather surprised at just how liberal it is. I was stationed at Ft Lewis as a Military Policeman, and obtained my concealed carry permit in 1977. I had planned on going back up there after I got out of the Army, but plans changed.

  • PersonOnDuty

    Putting any sort of limit on magazines, types of weapons, and how many weapons a person should have completely proves that the politician requesting such things has no understanding of violence.

    You can’t make a bad person do the right thing, by making a good person follow a law.

    You can’t force anyone to follow a law; laws define bad behavior, not prevent it.

    Until you can predict human nature, free will, and the future, you have zero argument as to how to prevent/stop mass killings, or any type of violence whatsoever, regardless of what weapon is used, if any!

    Blaming the type of firearm, is like saying “only police and military should have guns”. Saying this, means that in your mind, you think that somehow police and military would NEVER do harm, never kill an innocent person, and never break the law.

    Fact is, no matter what, you MUST blame the person, not the weapon/magazine/bullet/etc.

    Humans have TWO ways of dealing with people: Reason and force. That’s it. Removing force (equaling it with a firearm) means the criminal must deal with the victim with reason.

    And finally, if 90% of the population wants “universal background checks”, then that same 90% would presumably volunteer to do UBC’s if they were not mandatory. I’ve suggested that the UBC is voluntary, but then people complain “if it’s voluntary, people won’t comply”. So why is it that 90% of people that are ASKING for UBC’s won’t comply unless it’s “required”?

    Sounds like either 90% is a fake number, or those people that supposedly want the checks, don’t want to do the checks for their own transaction. To the surprise of many, UBCs can already be done. All gun transactions can be done with a background check simply by going to an FFL and having the FFL do the transfer. It’s that easy, it already exists.

    We need to have people like Gabby Giffords stop lying to the public to try to scare us into adding useless laws, when people can ALREADY do the background checks.
    If they aren’t going to do them, they aren’t going to do them! It’s like adding a second stop sign to the intersection!

  • LloydChristmass

    Its so infuriating hearing these losers who made 30 round mags illegal and took it down to 10 rounds now whining that people can change magazines and that they need to find ways to slow down THAT process. Do they understand the purpose of guns or the 2A? Is there a CLEARER example of trying your darnedest to strip the 2A of any effective meaning, all while only technically keeping guns legal?

  • Bob smith

    What’s a clip magazine? I also like the caption under the picture called it a 30 round “clip”. Amazing all these people do is talk about guns and they know nothing about them.

  • Mike Brosius

    California is already one of the toughest gun-control jurisdictions in the U.S. and it hasn’t accomplished much. Banning semi-automatic rifles that look like “assault weapons” proves that most of our legislative folks are completely uninformed. They’re grasping at straws, and

    California voters will feel their idiocy. Banning “the button” and regulating target-practice ammunition are the next steps in the advancement toward total legislative lunacy.

    • Frank_in_Spokane

      I continue to be amazed that right-thinking people willingly remain within its borders.

      • SoCalCop

        We’re standing on the front line between the oligarchs and the rest of the country. I refuse to retreat. I prefer to make them capitulate in defeat. I wish people would stay and fight. I promised to protect and defend the constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and D O M E S T I C. These Bolsheviks are the domestic enemy that the founders envisioned and warned us about.

  • Parnell

    “Ten clip magazine” another ballistics “expert” in politics. I wish these clowns would at least become familiar with what they want to ban.

    • Frank_in_Spokane

      And preferably with the business end.

      • That would mean they have a scintilla of shame for being 18 USC 241 conspirators. They have none.

  • Frank_in_Spokane


    – This law will pass.

    – There will be a prominent shooting in spite of this law being in place. (See e.g. the killings that Elliot Rodger perpetrated with 10-round magazines.)

    – Some dipshiz legislator will dream up another law that will not hinder the next prominent shooting.

    Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    You heard it here first, folks.

  • Frank_in_Spokane

    Dear Rulers of People’s Republik of Kalifornica,

    By putting more legal hurdles to armed self-defense in place — laws that only the law-abiding will, by definition, abide — you stubbornly continue to move in the absolute wrong direction.

    It is long past time that you join the rest of the country in LIBERALIZING (the GOOD kind, as in “liberty”) the ability of citizens to possess the most effective means of self-defense available — the modern firearm.

    Governments ostensibly exist to protect our inalienable rights — the right to life being chief among them.

    By taking ever more steps to hinder private gun ownership, the Kalifornican government has long ago quit pretending to protect its citizens inalienable rights.

    Tar, feathers and rails were custom-made for “rulers” such as yourselves.

  • Cal S.

    There really ought to be a literacy test before one can seek public office. Seriously, if you don’t understand what you’re trying to regulate, you have no business proposing laws around it.

  • DrVino

    “a button that allows magazines to be easily detached.”?????
    Oh, the inanity!!!!!!
    The bullet button makes magazine detachment anything but “easy”. It makes it a Herculean P.I.T.A.

  • LibertyDwells

    When are the normal people in California going to split the state and divest themselves of the human garbage on the left?

    • SoCalCop

      We’re working on that. Ever hear of the state of Jefferson?

  • Koba Solzhenitsyn

    What is a “ten clip magazine” ? The depth of these running dogs totalitarian intellectual poverty about firearms is exceeded only by their hostility to freedom in general.
    Why do you Zeks in the GULAG of Kalifornia continue to vote for these creatures?

    • SoCalCop

      The answer is this. There are more stupid people in the Gay Bay, and Tinsel Town, then there is in the rest of the state. Why? Because people are thinking about themselves, tucking tail and running.

      • Koba Solzhenitsyn

        I hear you sir. I have a few relatives in the once “Golden State” they can’t seem to GTFO. The Stockholm syndrome I guess.

        • SoCalCop

          The problem is, if every conservative left, the problem would continue to exist. While those who left have temporary relief, the problem would have time to get worse, and the cancer would have an opportunity to spread to other states. So people have to stop running, take a stand, and eliminate it right here, and right now.

  • PJ

    Can someone explain to me what a ten clip magazine is?

  • Allaccesstech

    So what the hell exactly is a clip magazine? If these genius lawmakers actually had a clue about firearms and proper terminology…THAT would be a start. But no….they are clueless morons pushing legislation to turn good people into criminals.

  • SoCalCop

    Quoting Democrat Marc Levine as he speaks about the bullet button, “This makes it very easy to change magazines. Literally in a second (you can) go from one ten-clip magazine to another one, so that shooters can fire more bullets.”

    So now we can have 10 (Ten) clip magazines??? Really? I do know that 5.56 mm ammunition does come packaged and clipped together. With the spoon that you can purchase on Amazon, it makes it easy to load the rounds into a magazine. Each clip holds ten rounds (Mark Levine’s bullets). So putting this into perspective, if one clip holds 10 rounds, and one magazine holds 10 clips, you could have 100 rounds. Nice! I want one.

    This is more fear mongering from the Bolsheviks, who have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about.

    Levine, if you’re reading this, you and the other mental midgets like you are what’s wrong with this state.

  • Daniel Cox

    In the Reagan Era, they wanted to Ban Handguns…then came Heller and McDonald. Now they want to Ban other guns, because SCOTUS, did not hear the Friedman Case and give a Ruling that would have made this non sense impossible.

  • JohnFKennedy

    “Today we need a nation of minute men; citizens who are not only prepared to take up arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as a basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.
    The cause of liberty, the cause of America, cannot succeed with any lesser effort.”
    – President John F. Kennedy, NRA Member

    • No good NRA member or “ammosexual” international public figure (like MLK Jr.) goes un-assassinated. Reagan’s signature on the Mulford Act guaranteed his ascent and survival to sign even more Jim Crow victim-only disarmament laws.

  • aa aaa

    Land of fruits and nuts, give it and it’s warped inhabitants back to Mexico and THEN build a wall!


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