Spotted near the Golden Gate: A couple enjoying the view. (Olivia Allen-Price/KQED)
Spotted near the Golden Gate: A couple enjoying the view. (Olivia Allen-Price/KQED)

Two weeks ago we posed a question to KQED readers: Why do you stay in the Bay Area?

We’ve reported regularly on rising housing costs, displacement and shifting communities as part of our Priced Out series. Headlines like, “Saying Goodbye to the Myth of San Francisco,” and “What Do You Give Up To Live in the Bay Area?” could send lots of us packing. But millions of people stay in the Bay Area despite these issues, and tens of thousands more are expected to move here in coming years.

Over the past two weeks we’ve heard a range of reasons people choose to call this place home, including the food, landscape, art and culture. We’ve heard about family histories, the strong bonds of friendship and the diverse communities that make this place feel like home. Along the way, you’ve shared beautiful images of the Bay Area on Instagram, using the hashtag #WhyIStay.

Public media stations across the country also took part in the #WhyIStay project. Find gorgeous photos from our partner stations on the #WhyIStay Tumblr or this really neat interactive map.

Below you’ll find 55 of our favorite Bay Area images shared on the hashtag. Though our project ends today, we hope you’ll continue the discussion about what makes the Bay Area great, or if you’ve got your eyes on the exit, what could be changed to keep you here.

55 Photos That Show Why People Choose to Call the Bay Area Home 23 May,2014Olivia Allen-Price

  • Jack

    Where’s the other 54 photos?

    • kellydomara

      If you scroll down through the Storify, you’ll see all the photos gathered through social media.

  • sasha

    I see no pictures of piles of $$$



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