In partnership with the Los Angeles Times, Telemundo52 and The California Channel, KQED presents a debate between Democratic Governor Jerry Brown and Republican challenger Neel Kashkari, which was conducted on Thursday, September 4th.

The debate was moderated by John Myers, senior editor of KQED’s California Politics and Government Desk. The panel featured Los Angeles Times Editor-at-Large Jim Newton and Telemundo52 Morning News Anchor Dunia Elvir.

Full audio version of the debate:

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Brown and Kashkari Spar in Heated Gubernatorial Debate [Video] 10 October,2014KQED News Staff

  • Jon Hildreth

    kashkari is a joke!

    • jomat

      No, his answers were smart.

      • Jon Hildreth

        you are certainly entitled to your opinion. brown has been a public servant to california for decades…and it wasn’t to get rich! he deserves a bit more respect in a debate. kashkari came with an agenda…and it wasn’t to answer the questions given. on top of that he was completely pandering to the audience…not authentic. at least with brown you can tell he’s truthful and then disagree.

  • Katie Torgerson

    Jerry Brown runs on his successful past four years. He dug us out of a serious financial disaster. Kashkarin will bring us back to the Schwartzenegger years.

    • jomat

      Partisan and biased you are.

    • jomat

      Kaskari will make a smart governor.

      • GinaTravis

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    • jgnewman

      Jerry Brown is as ridiculous as he was in the 1970s. He is not doing what is best for California, but to meet his agenda like his train that goes from nowhere to nowhere and costs a bloody fortune. He isn’t interested in enforcing existing laws and wants to give ILLEGAL alien immigrants rights they should NOT have.
      Save our state, dump Brown.

  • Eileen Samitz

    John Myers is a huge embarrassment as trying to conduct himself as an objective “moderator” of this “debate”. . Not only did he make it clear that he was a disaster as a “moderator” as far as his lack of ability to allow a fair debate, but he made it Incredibly clear that he was promoting the sadly incompetent Kashkari (who repeatedly retreated to simply making attacks and avoided giving answers with any substance). But then of course Kashkari is a former Wall Street guy working for Goldman-Sachs employee who helped put our economy in the toilet. Kashkari had NO solutions to the real problems that California faces and quite the contrary, he would going to take California into the abyss.

  • Eileen Samitz

    God help us if we were to go back to the “Schwartzenegger years”.

    • jomat

      Kaskari’s resume looks very good.

  • Jeff Ryker

    Kashkari kicked the idiot’s ass and used nothing but facts and substance. Bankrupt Cali libs will still vote for their idol idiot, but hopefully the non-zombies know now there is still a chance they won’t have to move, too.

    • jomat

      Very smart answers. Neel is full of zeal with knowledge.

  • jomat

    Did anyone of the liberal media criticize Gov Brown “drinking water” [remember that?] during the debate? The gargle was so loud! If it was Kashkari, the liberal left wing media would go wild. The governor seemed to be nervous and shaking all over.

  • anitahandle

    In my opinion, we saw two liars – one young; one old. Kashkari, may be the lesser of two hypocrite evils. Kashkari would send illegal children back to their home countries – we should. Yet, he, also, would have given drivers licenses to illegals in California.
    Brown is a delusional moron whose sole intent is to see that California becomes a parched, broke, and dangerous place to live. With Democrats running the state, what difference will either of these guys make? Today’s Republicans have given conservatives little to be happy about. Kashkari believes in “climate change” – whatever that means. Kashkari, like Brown, could give a damn about the will of the people on prop 8. Yet, he says he wants less government interference with
    the governed – really?

    • Michelle C.

      The will of the people? A minority groups rights should never be exploited by the tyranny of the majority. Prop 8 was a civil rights issue and gay marriage is here to stay. Not to mention, in every recent poll, Californian overwhelmingly accept gay marriage in the state, with many polls revealing Californians appreciating the revenue it brings to the state. You lost that battle. Pick an actual worthy cause.

  • sammm

    Has no one but me noticed that Kashkari says of his role in TARP, “We made 13 billion dollars OFF the taxpayers?” Off, NOT “for” the taxpayers. Thoroughly indicative of the Kashkari mindset?

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