A man rides with no hands in the Whiskeydrome at Pedalfest in Jack London Square. Recycled bikes, art bikes, vintage bikes, scraper bikes, even trikes, all came out Saturday, July 26, to celebrate all things bicycle. (Anna Vignet/Oakland Local)

In its fourth year, Pedalfest drew a big crowd of bike enthusiasts, including this crew of scrapper bikes. (Anna Vignet/Oakland Local)

Kit Kohler rides a bicycle he built himself and showed off for the first time at Pedalfest. (Anna Vignet/Oakland Local)

Bright blue creatures known as “by-the-wind sailors” have been washing up on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach in recent weeks. Called Velella velella by scientists, they look something like palm-size jellyfish but actually are colonies of many individual organisms. Despite their passing resemblance to jellyfish, experts say there’s no reason for beach visitors to worry about touching them. (Tom Prete/Ocean Beach Bulletin)

A quartet of baby penguins waddled through a gauntlet of gawkers and photographers to their new home at the San Francisco Zoo Saturday, July 26. Keepers raise the youngsters separately from the main penguin colony for several months before parading them through the zoo to join their fellows. (Tom Prete/Ocean Beach Bulletin)

Many families came out for Berkeley’s annual Kite Festival at the Berkeley Marina Saturday and Sunday, July 26 and 27. (Daniel Parks/Berkeleyside)

bull run
About 4,500 people attended a running of the bulls at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton on Saturday, July 26. The Great Bull Run started in Boston and this was its first event on the West Coast. The bulls ran about a quarter-mile down the racetrack at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. (Aaron Mendelson/KQED)

Homeless individuals — many relocating from Albany or other parts of West Berkeley — have set up camp along the train tracks south of Gilman Street in recent weeks. In some cases people are sleeping very close to the railway tracks, causing concern for their safety. (Natalie Orenstein/Berkeleyside)

This week designer Lea Redmond released the location of a tiny post office she built in a Tilden Park tree. Hikers now have a better chance of stumbling upon the charmed spot, which has been there since December. (Leafcutter Designs/Berkeleyside)

BART’s Oakland Airport Connector reached a milestone this week: A train completed its first fully automated loop around the system from the Coliseum Station to airport terminals. It’s expected to open in November. (Isabel Angell/KQED)


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