A flier posted by family and friends of Ann Zeis, who died after falling from a Mission District roof the night of the Fourth of July. (Dan Brekke/KQED)
A flier posted by family and friends of Ann Zeis, who died after falling from a Mission District roof the night of the Fourth of July. (Dan Brekke/KQED)

Update, Sunday, July 13: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch website has published an obituary: Ann Bernadette Zeis.

Original post (Friday, July 11): Family and friends of Ann Zeis, a 26-year-old woman who died after falling from a Mission District rooftop last week, say they’re looking for her missing computer and phone — and a small measure of closure.

San Francisco police and the city’s medical examiner confirmed Friday they’re investigating an incident late the night of July 4 or early the next morning, in which Zeis fell from a building near 24th and Harrison streets.

Friends say Zeis had spent the afternoon of the Fourth at a house party and at some point had moved on to a bar at 24th and Treat. According to Patrick Thomas, who began dating Zeis several years ago when they were economics students at Texas Christian University, Zeis left the bar with people she met there and went to her apartment. The fall occurred some time after that.

The identity of those who accompanied Zeis back to her apartment is unknown. But after the incident, Zeis’ laptop and smartphone were discovered to be missing. Now, in fliers posted around the Mission District, her family in St. Louis is offering a $2,500 reward for the return of the computer. A reward is also available for the phone.

“It’s really important as a last bit of contact,” Thomas told KQED Friday. “That’s why they want the computer back.”

Thomas said he and Zeis came to the Bay Area three years ago. She had worked in a variety of jobs, he said, in sales, as an office assistant, and editing and writing.

“She was really well loved,” Thomas said. “We had a ceremony on Tuesday, two days after she passed away, and there were over 130 people who showed up, at the drop of a hat. … She was so giving and generous and kind and gentle. She had tremendous energy. And she was a lot of fun.”

After Woman’s Fatal Mission District Fall, a Family Seeks Closure 15 July,2014Dan Brekke

  • Diane

    Let’s hope that whoever accompanied Ann back to her apartment comes forward. Too sad and even more tragic if there was foul play involved.

  • guest

    I keep looking for updates. Surely, someone saw or heard something.
    Certainly the bar would have cameras, perhaps showing with whom she left.

    This is all too strange, and sadly, does NOT give the impression of an accident.
    I would hope this would be a priority, but maybe the SF PD deals with these situations daily.
    So tragic. Just devastating.
    Hopefully, Mr. Brekke will be able to update with developments, or just tell us there are none.

    • IsaacLHawk

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  • Fay Nissenbaum

    The perfect murder: But the intended victim some tasty booze drugs, offer a lovely rooftop view of the stars, and then a sudden sharp push over the edge

    Not saying that’s what happened here…

    • guest

      Sounds somewhat similar to my thoughts, sadly.
      Have not heard of, or seen, any updates.
      I am very concerned this will be forgotten.

      I keep checking for any sort of new information.



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