ais M'Bolhi of Algeria fails to save a shot by Andre Schuerrle of Germany (Julian Finney/Getty Images)
ais M’Bolhi of Algeria fails to save a shot by Andre Schuerrle of Germany (Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Impartiality is not what soccer commentators do best.

As the players on the home team push downfield, the commentator’s voice often grows eager in anticipation. Words soon come louder and more rapidly. A cross is made, a shot is taken, and the commentator’s voice jumps an octave. As the ball hits the net — a fury of words shouted in staccato; a long, energetic scream; a man seemingly losing his mind on live television.

But for a soccer fan, there is something deeply satisfying about this soundtrack that emerges during a post-goal celebration.

Over the last week, we’ve asked KQED listeners to record themselves shouting “goal” in the style of a soccer commentator. We heard from listeners all over the Bay Area as they called in with a range of goal calls that both impressed us and made us laugh out loud. Here are 10 of our favorites:

But how do KQED listeners compare with the pros? Let’s just say this Colombian commentator deserves a medal for how he called the goal that put Colombia up 1-0 on Uruguay.

KQED Listeners Share Their Best Impressions of World Cup Goal Calls 30 June,2014Olivia Allen-Price



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