You may have caught Jill Tucker’s piece in the Chronicle on Saturday about the 2014 Bay Area Yo-Yo Classic. And no, that does not refer to anyone in local government. While the contest may have its ups and downs, Tucker called it “one of the biggest regional yo-yo competitions in the country, with more than 100 competitors and a $1500 cash prize for the winner of the competitive Division 1A.”

The Bay Area Classic is “second only to the U.S. National Championships in terms of prestige and competition,” says the contest’s website. “California has produced some of the greatest modern yo-yo players in the world, and the BAC is the one contest each year they are all guaranteed to attend.”

And now, completely justifying our coverage on a national holiday, we are happy to announce the results of the 1A finals. Congratulations to Riverside, California’s Anthony Rojas, who finished first in this year’s 1A competition, besting his rivals in yo-yo proficiency categories like “Rareness,” “Variation,” “Execution,” and “Music Use.” Here is the performance that nabbed Anthony the top prize:

Anthony topped second-place finisher Kevin Nicholas, from Indonesia.

But let’s face it: All of the participants deserve an award for not conking themselves on the forehead or suffering death by strangulation. Here is the full suite of Bay Area yo-yo video from this year’s Classic, which was broadcast by local CW affiliate KBCW.

Video: Winning Performance in Bay Area Yo-Yo Contest 26 May,2014Jon Brooks

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