KQED's Proposition Guide is optimized for printing or viewing on a mobile-device.
KQED’s Proposition Guide is optimized for printing or viewing on a mobile device.

California voters will get to weigh in on two propositions on this year’s June 3 primary. Both were placed on the ballot by the state Legislature.

  • Proposition 41: Allows the state to sell $600 million in bonds to fund affordable rental housing for low-income and homeless veterans.
  • Proposition 42: Shifts some costs of fulfilling citizen requests for public documents from the state to local governments. It also creates a constitutional requirement that local governments follow state laws requiring open meetings and public access to documents.

Dig in deeper to these measures in our 2014 California Primary Proposition Guide. You’ll find a summary of each proposition, an explanation of how it would work if passed, potential costs to taxpayers, and arguments being made for and against.

We created it to be simple, understandable, mobile-friendly and embeddable.

A Guide to California’s June 2014 Primary Ballot Measures 5 May,2014Olivia Allen-Price



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