By Scott Detrow and Associated Press

A federal grand jury has released an indictment charging state Sen. Leland Yee and 28 other defendants with crimes, including firearms trafficking, money laundering and public corruption.

Leland Yee (Photo: Adithya Sambamurthy/Center for Investigative Reporting)
Leland Yee (Photo: Adithya Sambamurthy/Center for Investigative Reporting)

The document formalizes the federal charges first announced last week, and doesn’t contain any new details about the alleged crimes.

Yee, a Democrat, is facing allegations he accepted bribes in exchange for official government favors, and that he offered to import illegal firearms from the Philippines. Chinatown gang figure Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow is facing a separate set of charges, including money laundering.

Yee was suspended from the state Senate last week, and has dropped out of the race for secretary of state. But his lawyer says the longtime officeholder plans to fight the allegations in court.

He faces more than 100 years in prison if convicted.

Consultant and former San Francisco school board president Keith Jackson was also among those indicted, on firearms, narcotics and murder-for-hire charges, among others.

Yee is free on $500,000 bond pending trial; Jackson was freed Thursday evening. Yee and most of the other defendants, including Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, are scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday.

Chow remains in jail after a magistrate judge declared the Hong Kong native and convicted felon a flight risk and a danger to the community.

Chow is the leader of a Chinese community group that the FBI says is a front for a notorious Asian gang. His charges include money laundering, trafficking in stolen goods and illegal cigarettes.

Two of the three new people charged in the case are Zanghao Wu and Tong Zao Zhang.

They are charged with buying contraband cigarettes from an undercover FBI agent in New York. The Marlboro-brand cigarettes were missing stamps that show New York state taxes had been paid.

The third new defendant, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, is Barry House, charged with taking part in an illegal gun deal with Jackson and with other firearms violations.

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Leland Yee, Keith Jackson Indicted by Federal Grand Jury 4 April,2014KQED News Staff and Wires

  • Theo of Hospitality house , SF

    Keith Jackson not only did work with Senator Yee’s crime spree but he also managed to get the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency to close down after spending it’s budget to help private club owners in the Fillmore area for more than a decade.

    Joe and Theo

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