Protesters on top of a Yahoo bus Wednesday. (Defend the Bay)
Protesters on top of a Yahoo bus Wednesday. (Defend the Bay)

Today in tech-shuttle protesting: Oakland.

Bay City News says BART police responded to reports around 7:30 a.m. of dozens of protesters blocking buses at Oakland’s MacArthur BART station. The group dispersed peacefully, according to police.

The Chronicle posted this account with photos of an unfurled banner in front of a Yahoo bus. The banner says: “Capital is the driver, gentrification is the vehicle, techies on the bus.”

The report says the windshield of the bus may have been vomited on — here’s a photo if you feelĀ  inclined to examine the evidence. The Chron says an Apple bus may have been targeted as well.

More photos at Indybay.

According to Bay City News, organizers said today’s protest was part of a “Defend the Bay Area” week of actions scheduled to last through Saturday.

Yesterday, protesters blocked a Google shuttle bus in San Francisco’s Mission District. That didn’t stop the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from voting last night to go ahead with a program that would allow private shuttles to pay for permission to use city bus stops — but only at $1 a stop per day.

The vote was 8-2, with supervisors David Campos and John Avalos voting to oppose rejecting the appeal. Opponents are considering filing a lawsuit over the pilot program.

Bryan Goebel contributed to this report.

Protesters Block Yahoo Shuttle at MacArthur BART Station 2 April,2014Jon Brooks

  • DavidsComments

    San Francisco needs a Republican president so that they can get a little more focus around their protests once again. This is an absurd thing to waste time and energy protesting.

    …The grizzled old protester sighs and takes a long swig of his organically brewed beer. The enthusiastic SF State sophomore says “Tell us again, Pops! Tell us about getting tear gassed in Chicago!”

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