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Offered without a lot of comment: A video posted this morning showing tech shuttle activity at the Municipal Railway’s eastbound 21-Hayes bus stop at the corner of Hayes and Steiner streets (the perspective is looking west on Hayes toward Steiner and Alamo Square, which is visible in the background).

Draw your own conclusions, but I think the 15 or so shuttles we see flit in and out of the frame dramatize how central a role the “Google buses” are playing in carrying people from the city to jobs in Silicon Valley. The guy who posted this on Vimeo, Paul Supawanich, indicated this was shot Thursday between 6:15 a.m. and 9:15 a.m. He says that only one private company operates shuttles from this stop.

  • jyaz

    what is the company?

    • Dan Brekke

      The Vimeo post doesn’t specify, but from watching the video it appears that the electronic signs on the buses are referring to Google. Some say GBUS to MTV, some appear to say GOOG MTV (I think MTV is Mountain View). One has a scrolling sign that says “GBUS to the Quad.”

  • Marilyn Browning Vogel

    Corporate shuttle roadkill – The Musical

  • moemoe731

    If you take the same video of the intersection of Haight and Divis you will see the back up caused by the two buses sharing one stop when they arrive at the same time.

  • Guss Dolan

    Bus Wars! (behind the infamous time-lapse video)


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