Prison guard
A guard and inmates at Chino State Prison. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Associated Press

Gov. Jerry Brown is asking federal judges to give the state two more years to reduce its prison population to the level set by the court, and says inmates could be released early if the state fails to meet its goals.

The proposal presented to special panel of three federal judges on Thursday calls for the court to appoint a compliance officer to choose which inmates would be freed.

The state faces an April 18 deadline to reduce the prison population to about 112,000 — a reduction of roughly 6,000 from current levels — to comply with the court’s population cap.

Brown wants the deadline extended to Feb. 28, 2016. He proposes to meet interim population reduction deadlines in June and February 2015.

The judges ordered the state and lawyers for inmates to propose their separate plans after they failed to reach an agreement earlier this month.

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