We’re just a couple days away from the the NFC championship game between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers, and things are starting to heat up. The storyline? A tale of two West Coast cities, often defined by similar things: delicious food, innovative tech, dreary weather and … well, lots of hipsters.

But, my friends, this is America. And this is football. Just as one team will emerge victorious from the game, one city must also win the title of best city. So we ask, which city rocks more?

We at KQED and our friends at KPLU Public Radio in Seattle are asking people to weigh in on the following topics. Cast your vote, and may the best city (cough, San Francisco, cough) win.

Cast Your Vote: Which City Rocks More, San Francisco or Seattle? 17 January,2014Olivia Allen-Price

  • Victor Ly

    As a native San Franciscan, I find it strange to see the cable car listed as the SF vote for “How Would You Rather Get To Work?” Very few Fog City citizens take the cable car to work, as far as I know.

    • Dan Brekke

      I have done it a few times. If you’ve got a Clipper Card (so you aren’t paying full tourist fare) and are going to work early, it’s one of the coolest commutes there is.

      • Victor Ly

        Oh, I have done it, as well. I no longer live near a cable car route, but used to take it a couple times a week after work, mainly because I worked in a windowless office at the time, so the joy of fresh air on my face felt wonderful. However, cable cars aren’t usually filled with people heading to work as often as Muni buses, Metro trains, and BART trains are; I guess it would be stranger to have BART as the SF vote for this topic, seeing as how there have been so many BART issues as of late.

    • You make a good point, Victor, and it’s one I considered as I was pulling these questions together. I was trying to get at the unique transportation options that are symbolic of each city. I think you could find many who live in the city who have never been on a cable car, myself included. – Olivia Hubert-Allen

      • Victor Ly

        Hi, Olivia, I perfectly understand that you were going for symbolism; I just found the cable car as the choice for that question a bit strange, that’s all. I hope I did not across across as being rude or overly critical!

        Personally, I’d go with the vintage-model streetcars that adorn Market and other streets. They may not be as classical or old as the cable car, nor are they that well-known to potential tourists, but a lot of locals really do favor them.

  • kiwiupover

    To many San Franciscans taking this survey.



Olivia Allen-Price

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