House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi at a press conference at City College of San Francisco’s Chinatown North Beach campus, Jan. 6, 2014. Pelosi and other community leaders spoke in support of the college. (Monica Lam/KQED)

On the heels of a court ruling last week that City College of San Francisco cannot have its accreditation revoked until the case is adjudicated in court, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi visited the school’s Chinatown campus Monday to praise the decision.

Pelosi said students shouldn’t be afraid of signing up for the spring semester and blamed a decrease in enrollment on the accreditation issue. College officials said registration is down more than 30 percent over the past two years. Officials said enrollment was declining even before the accreditation decision and that CCSF has lost about $14 million in state funding over the past couple of years due to the decline.

Pelosi said she supports a federal review of how the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), which last year said it would pull CCSF’s accreditation this July, conducts business.

“We can subject this process to the scrutiny that I believe that it should have,” she said. “We care about what happens in the rest of the country, that’s for sure. But we think that what happened here is highly unusual.”

Last August, the Department of Education found that the  commission did not comply with a handful of federal regulations in reaching the decision to end CCSF’s accreditation.

College officials hope to make up some of the enrollment loss by Friday, the last day to register for the spring semester.

Pelosi’s visit is part of a media campaign the school launched last month to boost enrollment

Jon Brooks contributed to this report.

Pelosi Praises Ruling Putting CCSF Disaccreditation on Hold 7 January,2014Ana Tintocalis

  • tomananda44

    The elephant in the room concerning CCSF’s enrollment death spiral is the role the State Chancellor, Brice Harris, has played by failing to challenge the ACCJC in its unfair attacks against the college. Based on all the changes the college made last year, it did not deserve to get a “dis-accreditation” decision from the ACCJC. Since that unfair finding was issued last summer, the college’s reputation has declined and students have been driven away because of the over-reach of the ACCJC and its number one supporter, Chancellor Brice Harris. In her press conference, Pelosi made this point clear when she referred to the “self-fulfilling prophesy” of CCSF’s declining enrollment which is a direct result of the flawed accreditation process. And Harris has only served to compound the error by failing to acknowledge the flawed nature of the accreditation process.

    For more details check out this 37 minute video of Monday’s press conference:

  • tomananda44

    Link to the 37 minute video of Pelosi’s press conference here:

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