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We’ve decided to set the tone for our 2014 coverage right here and now with reports of UFOs across California on New Year’s Eve. Fireworks and drunken misperceptions have been ruled out — at least by the puzzled people in the  videos below.

From ABC7 in San Francisco:

A lot of people say they saw a strange thing in the sky over California on New Year’s Eve and they say it wasn’t fireworks, but a UFO. They saw multiple glowing objects over several cities including Sacramento, Auburn and Stockton. Someone captured video of a similar image in the sky over Hollywood, spotted during the fireworks. They all report seeing four to six unusual-looking lights. We’re still waiting to find out if there’s an official explanation for what those people saw.

Says one witness: “They were like in almost diamond or triangle shape, and they just started separating. Says another: “Whatever it was moved up and to the left, it hovered there for probably about 60 seconds, and it took off at a high rate of speed and then just disappeared.”

And here’s  video of a sighting over the Hollywood Hills. Alternative explanation provided by eyewitness: “That better be the f***ing Amazon drone dropping me some s***.”

Meanwhile, news about a mysterious crop circle near Salinas, which appears to be the work of either extraterrestrials or Banksy. From the Monterey Herald:

An elaborate crop circle in a barley field about six miles southeast of Salinas appeared to have landed from out of nowhere Monday, when a YouTube video depicting its alleged discovery made its way onto the Internet.

By late afternoon, news of the circle outside Chualar had drawn curious onlookers from throughout the Salinas Valley.

Stamped in the middle of the field, the design covered about an acre and looked like a strange computer chip with dots in the middle that some Internet observers interpreted as either Braille or Morse code.

Most crop circle enthusiasts were quick to call it a hoax. But with the landowner apparently unaware of how it happened, theories were multiplying all over the Internet by press time. Full story

Local news KSBW led with the story on Dec 30.

Alas, the crop circle has now been destroyed by the landowner.

UFOs Over California? 2 January,2014Jon Brooks

  • ZeonChar

    I saw those same light in Hollywood on NYE in 2006. Wonder what they are?

  • Docdj

    The UFO’s were globos de cantoya or somesuch thing (look it YouTube put in candle ballons). Paper bags with candles burning in a little frame. I saw t ofand that was the FIRST thing I thought of…Dummies.

    • relayer

      That was the first thing that I thought of when I saw them, but having a basic knowledge of … well, common sense, it was quite apparent they were under intelligent control. Instead of calling us all dummies, perhaps you could just cover your head with a blanket and things will feel safer.

  • Jenel Hazlett

    Have you all never seen “parachute” fireworks?

    I saw many of these as I drove over Lake Pontchartrain last night. They do look like UFOs and flow with the air currents and can look intricate and cool.

  • Suzanne Smith

    Japanese lanterns and one very cool crop circle . We DO need the Mothership to come and get all of us who are fed up with the radiation from Fukishima and Monsanto GMO’s, LOL Gawd help us!!

  • invidinvasion

    It’s Chinese wedding lanterns. You can tell by the way it brightens and dims and moves with the air currents, the color also is typical of one of these toys,

  • MarkInCA

    Experimental aircraft, or the globos de cantoya suggestion by Docdj. There are hundreds of more likely explanations than ‘Alienz’

  • mom

    My daughter caught the same thing over our fireworks here in Raleigh NC!

  • Jamie Highfill

    Okay Here’s a few tips:
    1.) 2014-2015 will be a big years yes.’
    2.) Be carefull what you think of alien aircrafts! But they might be NOT alien like aircrafts.If they are small and tiny they are Droves !!!! But if they are like odd looking and hug and making lound like sound or shoots off in light speed or doing odd movement during the time then!!! You can NOW CALL THEM UFO’S!! But if they look similar to our technology then they are not UFO’s!!!
    3.) Yes/Maybe I have saw ufos object like!!But I don’t KNOWN!!!! and yet I am not screaming on top of my lungs and Pointing to the dam!! Media” Ohh I think I Blahh Blahh Blahh..!!!saw a UFO!!.”
    4.) Look at it very closely before you can make a judgement.
    5) Respect others….

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