Protesters surround a Google bus at 24th and Valencia streets Monday in action aimed at evictions and displacement in San Francisco's Mission District. (Steve Rhodes)
Protesters surround a Google bus at 24th and Valencia streets Monday in action aimed at evictions and displacement in San Francisco’s Mission District. (Steve Rhodes)

Update: Angry Confrontation at Protest Apparently Staged

Original post: Activists of the anti-eviction, neighborhood-preservation, we’re-not-so-happy-with-the-techie-invasion stripe drew a crowd of media and plenty attention this morning by blocking a bus headed for Google’s Mountain View campus.

Below is part of the group’s press release, followed by a Storify rounding up coverage from people who were (unlike your office-bound blogger) covering the action out on the street.

Google Bus “Ticketed’ and Blocked by Activists in the Mission this Morning
**8:30 AM PST on Valencia Street at 24th Street**

San Francisco, CA. Activists dressed as public safety officers from the newly created “Displacement and Neighborhood Impact Agency” will ticket the Google Bus this morning for violations including paying no taxes to the city of San Francisco while helping make the city the most expensive in the country.

Tickets will charge the Google Bus with a serious violation of the actual California Vehicle Code for waiting in public bus stops: $271 per violation; $1 Billion for the combined use of over 200 stops in the past 2 years. If the city were to actually enforce the law against private shuttle buses, it could raise substantial amounts of money to improve public services and transportation, fight no-fault evictions and build affordable housing at a time when evictions and displacement are at a 12-year high.

San Francisco ‘Displacement’ Activists Take to Streets and Block a Google Bus 9 December,2013Dan Brekke

  • Bert Macklin

    Luddites! We should be incentivizing the use of busses, not discouraging it. I understand that their protest is not about the busses themselves, but protesting busses sends the wrong message, and one that not many are likely to get behind.

    • Reality

      * buses. FTFY.

      • Bert Macklin

        Thank you grammar police, maybe if the google programmers could get to work I’d have spell check in my browser.

  • Reality

    That horrible Google and their unkind paying of billions in wages to SF locals, they deserve to be driven out so the squatters and “artists” can reestablish the legitimate economy.

    Panhandling is the new growth sector to these clowns.



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