From the ad: "There are no utilities and there was no business activity at the bar this past season. A generator is required to provide power. " (
From the ad: “There are no utilities and there was no business activity at the bar this past season. A generator is required to provide power. ” (

Tired of sky high Bay Area property prices? For a mere $225,000 you can buy a ghost town deep in the woods of Northern California. The owners, who have had the property since the 1970s, posted the “town” for sale Craigslist in September. (I use the word town quite liberally here.)

The 9.8-acre property comes with an old bar called The Gin Mill and three cabins “in states of (dis)repair.” It’s about a five hour drive from the Bay Area. Oh, and did we mention there’s a liquor license? If you’ve ever had a Wild West fantasy, this place could be your dream come true.

The town’s name is Seneca and it was active during the early year’s of California’s Gold Rush.

From Huffington Post:

If you think the asking price of $225,000 is a little steep, consider this: the largest gold nugget discovered in Seneca was 43 ounces in weight. With today’s gold prices, that’s worth $414,763.10 – almost enough to buy yourself a second ghost town.

Just as a point of comparison, $225,000 will buy you virtually nothing in San Francisco. (Seriously, we did a few home searches.) Wait, do parking spots and storage units count?

For more pictures, and to aid your daydreams (or nightmares), check out a post about Seneca from this ghost town tourist.

Northern California Ghost Town for Sale on Craigslist 14 November,2013Olivia Allen-Price

  • Strange Angel

    GOD I want to buy that property… Weeping over the lack of money to buy so much beautiful, largely untouched land for such a small (not kidding – that’s SMALL for that much) price!

  • HowtoGuide4AirBnB

    A great little place for airbnb spaces. That’s what makes airbnb great; building not required

  • malvika

    loved reading the article. thanks!

  • This would be a fantastic place if your kids were all grown up and gone. And if you had capital to invest.

    9.8 acres for a xmas tree farm, guided deer hunting, add wi-fi and satellite, build RV/tent camping areas, fix cabins and add to them for a motel, tours for panning for gold, quad/motorcycle rentals, etc. Its endless.

    No way in heck my wife would let me relocate considering our careers and 4 year old. Might be an interesting opportunity for someone

  • Hey, we’re having an OPEN HOUSE! 🙂 The Seneca ghost-town will be open for tours for those interested in buying. Next Sun & Mon! …The bar will be open! …Music! Likely the only opportunity for a guided showing. Also, see the new CL ad — cool storie and links added (old ad expired and can’t be revised). This sure is a “one of a kind” property — I bet it’s the only gold mining ghost town with a bar and 10 acres with a gorgeous river running thru it in the middle of a National Forest!!! It’s been hard getting the 2 “over the hill” owners together and this event arranged, but with the old town being in the headlines we made it happen. Offers considered, possible auction. (Reality shows have contacted us suggesting we do an auction that they televise.)



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