Twitter Goes Public On The New York Stock Exchange
Twitter’s IPO launched on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday. The stock opened at $45 a share, 80 percent above the initial offering price set the night before. The stock held steady throughout the day, indicating to some market watchers that people felt it was fairly priced. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Twitter Protest
Back in San Francisco, a small crowd marked the IPO by protesting corporate tax breaks in front of Twitter headquarters on Market Street. Some see Twitter’s arrival in the neighborhood, a move accompanied by tax relief from the city, as part of a tech invasion displacing lower-income residents. (Sara Bloomberg/KQED)

Lopez Memorial
Santa Rosa residents have held march after march in the two weeks since a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed eighth-grader Andy Lopez. One theme that’s emerged during the protests is what many say is a deep gulf between Sonoma County’s Latino residents and the rest of the community. (Rachel Dornhelm/KQED)

At the field where Lopez died, residents have built a giant Day of the Dead altar draped in white. Some neighbors hope the tragedy will bring more services, including playgrounds for neighborhood kids, into the city’s west side, where many of its Latino residents live. (Rachel Dornhelm/KQED)

Voter turnout was low for Tuesday’s off-year election, but some important measures were decided in San Francscio. Voters rejected Propositions B and C, proposals that would have allowed a waterfront development to move forward. (Sara Bloomberg/KQED)

Traditional sugar skulls and candles, along with other goods such as T-shirts and figurines, were sold near 24th and Mission streets in San Francisco. The city celebrated Dia de Los Muertos with a parade down 24th Street and beautiful altars built in Garfield Square. (Sara Bloomberg/KQED)

Dia de los Muertos, Nov. 2, 2013 in San Francisco, Calif.
For Dia de Los Muertos, San Francisco residents built elaborate altars in Garfield Square celebrating their loved ones and the things they enjoyed. Hundreds of people visited the altars, many holding candles, in an event that was both somber and celebratory. (Sara Bloomberg / KQED)

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