The hustle and bustle of the airport just got a lot more beautiful.

A new short film by Rebecca J. Richardson and James O’Malley recasts footage of SFO in a new light — neon, to be exact. In the video, there’s something majestic about watching planes cycle through the airport like blood cells through a vein. It almost feels like you could be viewing a cell underneath a microscope.

The film is part of their “Neon San Francisco” series, which has also taken on the N-Judah.

In a blog post, Richardson writes:

In this short film, we showcase the flurry of activity that occurs daily at San Francisco International Airport. Our aim was to shift the audience’s perspective from seeing SFO as just somewhere to depart and arrive and to see it the way we do: as beautiful and endlessly fascinating. We want to reconnect the audience with the romance of air travel.

By happenstance, they were filming at SFO on the day Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed while landing. Richardson notes you can see the burnt-out fuselage at 2:15 in the video.

We should mention that Richardson and O’Malley weren’t asked to create this video by SFO.

Check it out; it’s set to “Dancing in the Dark,” performed by Charlie Parker.

Video Makes Time Spent at San Francisco Airport Actually Look Appealing 25 September,2013Olivia Allen-Price



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