Richmond police arrested 209 people who crossed onto Chevron refinery property and refused to leave during a protest on Saturday, Aug. 3. (Anna Vignet / San Francisco Public Press)


More than 1,000 people marched from the Richmond BART station to the gates of the Chevron refinery holding sunflowers to protest the refinery’s practices. (Anna Vignet / San Francisco Public Press)


A renegade member of a family of western bluebirds in Berkeley’s San Pablo Park has captured the interest of naturalists. The fledgling has embarked on intensive hunting forays, even “mugging” a house sparrow and competing with his parents, beak-to-beak, for insects and worms — food he delivered to his younger brother and two sisters in the nest. (Elaine Miller Bond / Berkeleyside)

Seabirds gathered by the thousands at Ocean Beach Sunday afternoon, Aug. 4, to feast on a school of small fish in an extraordinary near-shore feeding frenzy that lasted for hours. Pelicans, terns, gulls and cormorants were among the birds all diving for the 4- or 5-inch fish so close to shore that the water was sometimes only a few inches deep. (Tom Prete / Ocean Beach Bulletin)


More than 50 Berkeley neighborhood and business groups came out Tuesday night to meet, mingle, eat together and get to know each other during the 30th annual National Night Out celebration. The festivities included visits from police and fire department staffers, as well as local officials and other municipal representatives. (Emilie Raguso / Berkeleyside)


Bart board
A panel of investigators listens to representatives of BART workers and management during a public hearing called by Gov. Jerry Brown to investigate the labor dispute. (Deborah Svoboda / KQED)


flying lotus
Members of the art collective Flaming Lotus Girls work on “Xylophage,” a pyrotechnic art installation for Burning Man. Artists and other “burners” around the Bay Area are getting ready for the trek to Nevada’s high desert in late August. (Monica Lam / KQED)

News Pix: Hundreds Protest at Chevron Refinery, Berkeley Bluebirds Get Aggressive 25 April,2014Katrina Schwartz



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