About 150 people marched through downtown Oakland Saturday night protesting the acquittal of George Zimmerman for killing unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin last year in Florida.

Many marchers were peaceful, but some people smashed storefront windows and lit fires in the streets.

Protesters also set upon an empty BART police car near 12th and Broadway. Oakland police say they made no arrests.

More rallies are planned for Sunday afternoon in both Oakland and San Francisco.


Alex Emslie

Alex Emslie is a news reporter focused on criminal justice policy, policing and legal issues. He left Colorado and a career as a carpenter in 2008 to study journalism at community college in San Francisco. He then graduated from San Francisco State University's journalism program with a minor in criminal justice studies. Emslie contributed to several Bay Area newspapers and online news outlets before joining KQED in 2013. He loves multimedia reporting, publishing source documents and transparency. He can be reached at aemslie@kqed.org and followed via @SFNewsReporter.

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