So where exactly does Northern California end and Southern California begin? Wikipedia says: ” ‘Southern California‘ is not a formal geographic designation and definitions of what constitutes southern California vary.’ ” (Likewise, “Northern California” is not a formal geographic designation, but in terms of state of mind, we like to think if you find yourself in a discussion as to who has the best artisanal doughnuts, you’re in Northern California, no matter where you are.)

Then there’s the Hunter Pence-Yasiel Puig All-Star voting divide. The Giants’ Pence is vying with Dodgers’ rookie phenom Puig and three other players to become the final selection on the NL team. Now check out MLB’s All-Star vote-distribution map. The green-shaded parts represent areas that voted for Pence,  whereas the orange-shaded area is solid Puig territory. Using this criterion, we are positing that Southern California now officially starts at Tulare County, with Mono County encroaching upon what is clearly The North and thus engaging in a Pence-insulting provocation that is likely to lead to civil war, or at least more stuff like this.

The Pence/Puig All-Star Divide, visualized.
The Pence/Puig All-Star Divide, visualized.

Online voting ends Thursday at 1 p.m. The Giants and their fans are doing their best to promote Pence …

… but so are the Dodgers and their tribe of followers for Puig …

Giants fans, if you need any more incentive to weigh in, consider this from the McCovey Chronicles blog today:

There are a lot of reasons to keep Yasiel Puig out of the All-Star game. Jealousy, spite, irrational homerism, unfettered rage, schadenfreude, bitterness….

In this irrational universe, I want to see two things:

1. More Hunter Pence
2. Less Yasiel Puig

Works for us. Vote here.

Hunter Pence-Yasiel Puig All-Star Vote Now Officially Determines North/South Calif. Divide 8 July,2013Jon Brooks

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