Update: California Secretary of Labor Marty Morgenstern announced at about 10:50 p.m. in Oakland that BART’s two striking unions have agreed to return to work as negotiations with management continue. Train service is to resume at 3 p.m. Friday. More details: Strike is over, for now: Unions agree to return to work while talks continue

10:40 p.m. tonight: As noted below, BART’s saying there’s no sign the strike will be over by tomorrow morning. But if you’re looking for a hopeful sign, we offer this: Negotiations continue at Caltrans District 4 headquarters in downtown Oakland.

9:30 p.m. Sent out by BART tonight …

“BART has received no indication that ATU and SEIU will return to work Fri., July 5th. Commuters should make alternative plans.”

9 p.m. BART Plans Limited Charter Bus Service On Friday, July 5 If No Train Service

Morning Service: First Come, First Served 7 buses at 5am at El Cerrito del Norte, Walnut Creek, Dublin/Pleasanton, Fremont & West Oakland Stations

If BART trains continue to remain out of service on Friday, July 5, BART will provide limited charter bus service to and from San Francisco during the peak commute periods: starting at 5am from five East Bay stations and 3pm – 7pm from San Francisco. Accessible vans will be available.

The limited charter bus service and accessible van service will pick up riders at the following five BART stations: West Oakland, El Cerrito del Norte, Walnut Creek, Dublin/Pleasanton and Fremont stations. At 5am, 7 buses will arrive at each of these stations. Once a bus is filled it will leave for San Francisco. There will be no transfers in West Oakland. This is first come, first served. Each bus carries 50 passengers. The service will only last until all seven buses are filled or 8am, whichever comes first.

The trip home will be a direct ride to each of the 5 stations with 7 buses and accessible vans serving each destination from 3pm – 7pm. The last bus and van to each station will leave at 7pm so riders need to arrive before then.

And on the negotiations front, from ABC7

BART and its striking unions spent much of the Fourth of July holiday in negotiations behind closed doors …. There wasn’t much coming from inside the negotiations. In fact, one negotiator told ABC7 News that nothing of substance has been discussed. But outside the negotiations, there were loud complaints from the unions and calls for BART’s general manager to bargain with them face to face. Full story

From the Chronicle, on the possibility of BART unilaterally imposing a contract on striking workers …

BART management has scheduled – and canceled – two special board meetings for each day of the strike, with an agenda that includes items calling for “unilateral implementation of certain terms and conditions of employment for employees” represented by the two striking unions.

It’s simply a precaution dictated by state open meeting laws that require 24 hours’ notice before a public body such as the BART board can act, said Alicia Trost, a spokeswoman for the transit agency…

Now, with more than 2,300 workers already on the bricks and trains shut down for four days and counting, BART leaders may decide they have little to lose from threatening to impose a contract if there’s no movement in the contract talks.
“That’s not what we want to do,” Trost said. Full story

3:10 p.m. From ABC7’s Laura Anthony

— Laura Anthony (@LauraAnthony7)


From CBS San Francisco

Joe Bomberger with the Service Employees International Union told reporters as he entered the negotiating site in Oakland Thursday that Bay Area Rapid Transit officials were not “substantially addressing” any of the safety concerns that the unions have for the public and workers. Bomberger was then pulled away by another union official. The two sides have been told by a state mediator not to speak to the media.

1 p.m. From KTVU

From ABC7 News’ Laura Anthony

11:30 a.m. From ABC7News last night ….

Also see …

July 3rd Updates

Update 10 p.m. From BART tonight …

BART has received no indication that ATU and SEIU will return to work Thursday, July 4th. Commuters should make alternative plans. Should ATU/SEIU call off their strike we will notify the public via bart.gov and the strike alert email notifications. Sign up for strike alerts at http://www.bart.gov/news/alerts/.

Update 8 p.m.  From the San Jose Mercury News  …

After a 36-hour break since the shutdown began, BART management and unions Tuesday returned to the negotiating table for nine hours, stretching into the wee hours Wednesday morning. Following a quick break to catch up on sleep, they returned Wednesday afternoon and were set to bargain into the night.

It’s unclear whether any progress has been made toward a deal, or if either side has submitted new proposals on the key sticking points: pay hikes and contributions to pensions and health care benefits. That’s because the two top state mediators sent in by Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday ordered both sides to keep the talks confidential until a deal is reached.

And this …

On Wednesday, the BART board of directors indicated it might unilaterally impose new “terms and conditions of employment” on the unions. The board used a similar strategy during its last round of labor talks, voting unanimously to impose working conditions on its unions in 2009.Workers responded initially by threatening to strike, but quickly reached a settlement without walking off the job.

(Rick) Rice, the BART spokesman, downplayed the possible re-emergence of the strategy, saying that the board is still committed to reaching a deal through negotiations. But, he said, “We have to be prepared for all possibilities.”

Full article here.

Also today …

Update 3:50 p.m. BART says that if the strike continues into Jul 4,  it will provide “very limited charter bus service to and from San Francisco during the peak commute periods.” Read details here.

No word yet on today’s negotiations. But even if an agreement were to be announced like, right now, there’s this …


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Commuter traffic backs up approaching the toll plaza to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on July 2, 2013 in Oakland, California.
Commuter traffic backs up approaching the toll plaza to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on July 2, 2013 in Oakland, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty)

The BART strike is now in its third day, with commuters experiencing more of the same — long waits in line at ferry terminals and horrific traffic congestion around the Bay Area. Transit agencies are encouraging commuters to jump in a casual carpool, telecommute or just avoid travel altogether.

Caltrans says that carpool lanes will continue to be open weekdays from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the strike.

BART and the two major unions representing striking workers were scheduled to return to the bargaining table at 1 p.m. today.

Josie Mooney, a negotiator with Service Employees International Union, Local 1021, spoke early Wednesday morning after a marathon negotiating session with BART officials that started Tuesday evening.

“We’ve worked very hard,” Mooney told reporters. She said she could not comment further because a mediator has asked the parties not to speak to the media.

“It is good to see that we’re at the table and we’re meeting extensively,” she said.

Another sign of hope: BART has reached an agreement with one of the smaller striking unions, representing 200 supervisors and professional workers. If that’s ratified by employees, they’d go back to work, though that wouldn’t enable train service.

Here’s a report by NBC Bay Area Monday night examining the specifics of what the unions have been asking for and what BART has offered. And here’s Bay Area News Group’s best estimates of how that would break down in terms of actual salary.

  • John

    If BART were any other business they’d be out of business the day they went on strike. This whole ordeal has affected so many lives. They had so much time to negotiate with these unions prior to the expirations of the contracts and now we’re headed to day 4 of the strike. Unacceptable on all levels.

    • Andrew Susanto

      I agree, and all they care is themselves.

  • Jmeli

    Shame on the managers, board of directors, and Bart CEO grace what’s her name for allowing this to happen!! Think about it, if someone was messing with your future and your families futures wouldn’t you fight as well?? The employees at Bart aren’t perfect but they are the life force that keeps Bart running..

    • wyogirl442

      you must be a family member. The strike is not needed these uneducated people get more than the teachers teaching their kids. Wake up you and the rest of us are being used as chess pieces.

      • 1265

        I’ve read way too many if these ignorant selfish comments to keep my mouth shut. A) how can someone even project a sense of value towards another human being, as if Bart workers are subhuman because they don’t have a degree. Unskilled? Spend 40 hours a week inside a tunnel and then make a comment. Uneducated? Who’s fault is that? It’s a fact that the poor cannot afford to go to college, it’s a fact that people from lower class neighborhoods are trampled upon and given less of a chance to succeed or have to skip school to work and support their families.
        B) you know why Bart employees make so much? BECAUSE OF THE UNIONS. If we didnt live in a neoconservative time, with such anti union sentiments maybe everyone would get paid more, teachers included. The real news story is not how many yuppies can’t get to work or how inconvenient this is for commuters. The real story is why aren’t other workers and professionals organized, why do they just take what they get.
        C) get off your “educated” capitalist high horse and realize what is happening in front of your eyes.

    • Andrew Susanto

      Even in knowing that yet you decided to kill the life force and screw other people, Nice act!

      • Mel A. M

        Nice PR move Bart manager! You ain’t fooling anyone… I choose the side of the people not corporations. It’s not like I haven’t seen all this before, I grew up in the Bay Area. Thank you for making this a messy fourth!

        • Andrew Susanto

          Lol dumbass, please go enjoy your life knowing screwing other people lives is good for you. you grew up in bay Area with a low IQ and lack of common sense, and you can’t even answer all the questions I have thrown to you, the good thing is 2 out of 10 of my friends find it beneficial that you guys on strike, at least they found a less expensive and new route to get to work, good for them, a bunch of piece of s*** doesn’t deserve a better pay, lack of education and common sense is one of the reason. The less people take a ride from bart the less employee they need.

          Check my facebook I worked for a game company as a 3D artist, have nothing to do with Bart, and not even have any friends within the bart, nor do I need to use bart. Please take your small brain somewhere else to fry. And Unlike you I don’t need to hide my identity, I am open book, and I don’t need anyone to tell me what to say

          • Mel A. M

            Silly Troll, tricks are for kids! You obviously defend management why because they pay you to do so?? Blah blah blah… You Guys?? Spoken like a true douche..

          • Andrew Susanto

            Lol start replying with some reason why is it okay to screw 200 k and stop pulling that I am paid to say so. You are only making a fool of yourself and bunch of people are reading it, and can see what I meant

          • Andrew Susanto

            Complete a degree and learn how to argue next time with valid points and not bunch of fictions from your heads

          • I’m so beyond tired of reading the opinion of entitled supremacists like you, who think they have any standing in passing judgment on working people. I’m so sorry your privileged little ego is inconvenienced by workers fighting for a pay increase and better safety at their job after 5 years without a raise.

          • Andrew Susanto

            Im tired of people like you who cant answer anything but just pointing finger, what about 200 K people you screwed over ?
            are they your chess piece for your own benefits?
            I support safety I support your raise, dont strike and screw everyone else in process?

          • Andrew Susanto

            Go on! Answer me? is it okay to use 200 K people for your benefits? I am a working people too, but I don’t take a single human as hostage to get a raise. and many people hasn’t had any raise in 5 years and if they strike they go straight to dump-bin and replaced.
            You think Economy Crisis is easy for anyone?

        • Andrew Susanto

          The funniest think you choose the side of people but backstabbing people in the back by screwing their lives, contradicting yourself much?

  • http://bartbratz.tumblr.com/
    • bobsoper

      Obviously produced by an anti-union PR firm hired by BART management. Why don’t you show the excessive lifestyles enjoyed by the likes of Dorothy Dugger, the former BART general manager who got paid $330,000 for doing NOTHING.


      • Andrew Susanto

        Lol nobody is hired by Bart management, you are just brain dead stupid, so many people are angry, they don’t need to work for Bart management to express their anger for being screwed over, God damn Ignorance is a bliss

  • vietishg

    to jmeli. so ur telling me 74k in pay.. 52 in benefits.. another 42 in pension is not enough? when u have people out there whos working for less then 30k a year wit low benefits SAME qualifications as these bart workers.. now theyre being selfish and making the commuters suffer?

    • Aimee Green

      1. BART workers are filling a job that takes a specific skill. It is not food service. 2. They receive no Social Security 3. BART has a surplus right now. 4. Those officials make twice as much as the workers. Easily. 5. They have not had a wage increase for four years even though the cost of living has continued to rise. 6. Four years ago, when BART was struggling, workers made concessions to BART. 7. As an educator, union member, and worker whose job is often vilified by the media (I.e. “Tie salary to test scores.” By the way, in business model, is be able to kick out the ‘dumb’ kids to improve ‘productivity’.), I find your tone of ‘they’re lucky to have a job’, disheartening.

      • wyogirl442

        I say get rid of all of the Bart employees and start all over again.
        Are you telling me that a Bart employee has more class that someone who works in the food service? Now that is class. At least they are willing to actually work. I bet you are either a Bart employee or a family member of one. Again NO CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Louis Felix

          Ignorance is bliss huh wyogirl442?? This is not about you, your used to geting screwed over by your employer so you know no better..? The true people you should be venting your frustration to are the Managers making 200K a year. All the while continuing to increase your fares. These employees have taken concessions already and now Bart wants more!
          Contact your local leaders, vent to the board of directors to act. Thats why we have voices, action will get a reaction, just saying..

          • bobsoper

            Actually a lot of those managers are making $300K plus.

          • Andrew Susanto

            Does that mean you have to make that much too? there are a lot of people need a job of your pay right now, give it to them and try to get a job with that salary? well the chances are zero, because you are uneducated and unskilled for anything else than as trike and pressing buttons in the booth (only for operators) for maintenance I think you deserve a raise. Those 300K people doesn’t deserve their pay too and deserve to be fired and hired a new one that doesn’t cost as much. so Bart system can improve and Customer service and the quality increased.

          • Roman Manzanares

            how stupid you sound even if they replace the workers and start paying the new ones 5.00dls per hour you think bart is going to get better?
            and the management is going to get less money to make you happy ?
            don’t be stupid mister they will get an even bigger salary they are making 300.000 plus benefits and they will get more every year .. greedy bastards just like you Andrew

          • Andrew Susanto

            Greedy bastard like me?Haha you made me laugh, I took a salary cut to save my company from getting bankrupt, I also don’t get paid as much as those greedy Train operators? anything else to say? I am greedy bastard, You are funny, where is that fact came from, I do have a lot of facts about how much they are getting paid. Am I on strike? NO they are in a hard time and I offered to get a cut. Get it? I am saving everyone in the company their jobs, and I don’t make as much as those Bart employee on strike right now. Guess what if I don’t get a cut and some people in my company don’t either there would be no company? and I don’t even get a single dollar at the end? that is common sense my friend, If you don’t udnerstand that get the f Out

          • Andrew Susanto

            so don’t ask for a raise instead, take those batards who is making 200 k per year down u idiot. By putting the funds in the passanger safety and better Bart trains better services is more useful than giving you guys more ROLEXes, obviously you are just bunch of savages, I have never met a single really nice bart employee at all, they don’t F- ing care about anything. When I asked nicely about something, either they ignore, or they replied with extreme rudeness, People get paid well for doing something well in return, not being rude, and just sit there ignoring people. The Bart smells, dirty, and not safe, yet you are asking them to give you a raise instead than making a better quality of BART services for the people. I thought the whole reason for all this is safety and yet your greed is showing more. I am sure giving you guys more Salary doesn’t make you a better person.

          • Mel A. M

            So quick question? I do sometimes depend on bart unlike yourself.. What do you make of Bart Managers hiring a $399,000 law firm to represent them instead of just negotiatiating with its people. Sounds pre planned to me, they knew they were going to force the employees to strike so that we the public can turn on them.. that $399,000 could have been used on improvements and better security. Just saying..

          • Andrew Susanto

            FIRE THEM AS WELL I do think of those jerks doesn’t deserve the salary, but you people who strike doesn’t deserve a raise as well since you are just bunch of idiots who screwed other people lives, got the idea?

            Asking a raise has anything to do with safety? which university did you go to?

            Give me a reason why is it allright for you to screwed other people lives and jobs from strike?

        • bobsoper

          Management is unwilling to negotiate in good faith on critical worker and passenger safety issues.

          Working conditions are deplorable: http://youtu.be/-gu8diNs7EE

          • Andrew Susanto

            yes safety is an issue, I understand does Raising salary gives you more safety? NO it just gives you more luxury, even a high school kid knows that.

            Why don’t you start answering me? Do you hold any responsible to those people you screwed over? Of course you can’t answer that? how many people pay so much of their money to get to work, even for some that might take 1/10 of his whole salary for the whole month. Do you take responsible for that? Give them all the money that they spent because you screwed them over? I am talking from the point of view of people you screwed over

          • bobsoper

            Your ignorant spewings are worthy of no further reply than this. Bye, silly tr0ll.

          • Andrew Susanto

            can’t answer and leave, typical idiot

          • Andrew Susanto

            Now now you seemed so smart or at least you think so? start answering to people’s anger about their job and money that you screwed over for your selfish act for a raise, I think you care more about raise than safety the fact that you insist on 23 % in the beginning. Oh please at one point one of the worker replied to me saying,” I want BMW too, I want Rolex too, I dont need Private Jet” yeah that explains.

        • Roman Manzanares

          you need a job on Bart ?
          if they take all those people out of their jobs is a better solution?
          how stupid solution why not take a 10%salary cut on the greedy management guys and the board of directors from bart they are making more than 200.000 dollars and they are not even know how to ride a train

          so please think again before you type if you were a common worker and they wanted to screw you over will you let them do it?????

          • Andrew Susanto

            Indeed why not getting them cut instead of asking a raise, you are the one who doesn’t make sense? The reason I am complaining is they want to have a raise, they didn’t say anything about someone being cut do they? and they also screwed 200 thousand People. And so who is stupid now? you or me?
            I wouldn’t let anyone screw me over hence you shouldn’t screw other people lives by getting strike and increasing cost of everyone else transportation?

            I have always think what I said, hence I know what are the answers to every one of your questions. Taking all these people jobs would be good so next time they know how hard it is to get a job and by complaining and whining and destroying other people lives, doesn’t help them getting a raise.
            If you want people to be considerate about you and your family you better be considerated to them as well, make sense?

  • Ken Briggs

    TODAY is july 4th and the trains still no run , whats wrong with theboard ?

  • Jmeli

    As a business owner and commuter whose affected by the Bart strike I’m taking interest in all this.. First to answer your question vietishg you can’t believe everything you hear in the media?? Did you really believe Bush when he said Iraq had WMD’s come on?? Bart employees start off making 56k a year and only make 70k after 4/5 years in service. The fact Bart employees don’t pay towards pensions is due to past negotiations in which management gave no raises but agreed to a 7% contribution to employee retirements. Bart employees get no social security benefits. If it was that easy to work for Bart then why do they disqualify over 60% of applicants?? My son works for Bart and I can tell you he doesn’t sit on his hands collecting what the media says? What would America be without fighting for your rights and better working conditions?! Are managers taking the same cuts the employees are, of course not… You don’t here that in the media, managers lead by example and get this resolved!

    • wyogirl442

      see again a family member is okay with this strike. Cry me a river, most of us who ride Bart don’t get half of what these yahoos want.

      • Roman Manzanares

        you must be a family member of one of those greedy bastards form management in some company if you are a teacher you should support this strike just like we support the teachers strikes or teachers fights

        • bobsoper

          My guess is that wyogirl442 is probably a BART-paid PR hack who is trying to gin up the appearance of public anger at the workers.

          • Andrew Susanto

            There is no need to to rally public to get angry at the workers, it is common sense that everyone is angry. You people are just lacking common sense

        • Andrew Susanto

          You must be an idiot, thinking everyone is greedy bastards, try people who you screwed over from the strike. There are bunch of them who responded the same. If you look in the mirror and ask yourself, Have I done something that screwed other people lives? the Answer is YES, and a lot of people are angry hence why you don’t get support from most people

          • Roman Manzanares

            guess what i am a bart rider and i ride bart more than you do so i do have thew right to get angry at the strikers but i also understand that there are a bunch of stupid people like you that think fighting for your future is wrong guess what if you have family that depends on a paycheck to paycheck and management was trying to screw you over you will fight and possibly strike too so shut up and fight for what is right

          • Andrew Susanto

            LOL 60 K dollars a year is not enough? What are you?Gold digger? You expected everyone to believe what you are making is not enough? What about people who are making less than you. I am not stupid hence why I don’t use Bart for my transportation, because they are rude. None of them has actually been nice to me when I rode one? And please maybe you are the stupid one, if you say you are riding Bart from 16th street to new Montgomery, don’t post anything, because I am talking about people who came from Oakland, and other cities who has no way to get here to work. In fact why would I need a bart if I am just traveling in the city. I am fighting for what is right, screwing 200 K people who want to commute is not right is it? please tell me what is so right about that?

          • Rider

            I agree people should stand for their rights. I totally understand if they’ve got mistreated or underpaid but none of these conditions are existed.

            Don’t you think their salaries are already way above others who have similar background? They made even more than a college graduated without going college and still not happy? Give me a break.

        • Andrew Susanto

          I think Wyogirl442 is right im sure 100 % of the support are from family member of the bart employee and maybe a few 20 % is from public, but against more than 60% of the public doesn’t support this and it doesnt make them a family member of the greedy bastard since you people who strike is greedy bastard as well. They are mostly angry commuters, unless you don’t have the common sense or brain capacity and capability of thinking so

        • Andrew Susanto

          and you must be the real family member of those Strike people that pretend to be a bart rider lol

    • Teeter

      Thanks for the 411on the salaries however it is still above median income for the Bay Area. 400,000 thousand people making far less are unable to get to their minimum wage jobs. and the ridership are ones being affected. BART Management should not renew contract and hire the thousand of highly qualified unemployed who have not worked in four years.

    • Andrew Susanto

      What if Nurses go on strike and refuse to treat you or your family because they have not gotten any raise in 5 years even though they have a salary already above everyone average? and in this case your family really need attention from Nurse or their life would be threatened or maybe there some other facilities that will help but cost you 200 % more money? Ever think of that? would you be angry? or you would say yeah let them Strike and let my family dies, because they deserve a raise

    • Justanothermonkeyman

      Oh bush said that? Nobody else? Way to compare war apples to union oranges. Your son must pick trash off BART at the Airport then. What about all the people that commute into the city to make an extra buck because minimum wage is higher? They wont be making anything thanks in part to your greedy son.

    • amysname

      These BA.RT. employees make more than TEACHERS WITH 4 YEAR DEGREES! They don’t deserve what they are getting now. Their medical contribution is a JOKE. They are not required any formal education except to finish High School. There are so many disqualified applicants because to get a job you need to either have a relative already working there or KNOW someone that can get you in.

  • lagurule

    I am losing hundreds (100s) of dollars ($) every day BART is shutdown. This strike is putting me in serious economic trouble. I am seriously disgruntled at both sides of this dispute!

    • Andrew Susanto

      They don’t care all they care is Raise, and screwing other people live is just part of their plan to hijack and blackmaling the management

      • tim

        sadly misinformed

        • Andrew Susanto

          Nope I am not by screwing hundred thousand of people because they have nothing to do with your raise, it is hijacking and blackmailing. Trying to make that management alone is the problem is hijacking by holding hostage of people and think people will only blame management, I am sure management is at fault, but what you are doing is also inhumane

  • jannette

    This is honestly a mess. My opinion on this is BART and its unions knew that their contract was coming to a ending point so why is it that the commuters have to deal with their stupidity. A lot of people only have Bart to rely, and can lose their jobs because of not being able to show up. People make way less then Bart employees have no benefits or pay way more then they are paying and they are complaining about contributing a little bit more. This is honestly a shame that they would even want to put the public through this chaos.

    • Roman Manzanares

      is not bart employees the ones doing this is Bart Management that makes 200.000to 400.000 plus benefits they are stalling this negotiations sorry but you should cry and be angry at bart officials not the working people…

      • jannette

        Im not only blaming the employees of Bart it also includes management for allowing to eveb get to the point the system got shut down.

        • Mel A. M

          Managers failure to show respect in the process of negotiation led union leaders to act. They are truly to blame for the mess. Its like in a parent child relationship, Who has the control?? Thats right the parent does and in this case the parent is not the employees…

          • Andrew Susanto

            And Employees failure to show respect to commuter in the process is pretty bad as well. Don’t kept pointing finger at anyone else, take a damn responsible making everyone else suffer the consequences, No freaking humanity, oh and btw I don’t use bart, I don’t need to, but I have sympathy for people you guys screwed over, the fact that more than 60 % doesn’t support this, is the fact that you guys are pretty much to blame, instead of doing negotiations nicely before it expired you decided to screwed everyone that depend on Bart. nice Terrorism act, holding everyone hostage blackmailing for MONEY

  • Orlando

    Fire the Bart Strikers NOW and hire workers at market salaries!!

    I spend $300/month on BART and sick of the union bums stealing my money and not having it go into improving BART SERVICE.

    • bobsoper

      It is management who decides not to improve service. They are running a $190 million dollar annual surplus, and refusing to invest in service and safety upgrades. http://www.wemakebartwork.com/444/suit-against-bart-focuses-on-health-safety-issues/

      • Andrew Susanto

        So get them all fired including the management. Because what you guys did is not better than those that management people. You guys are pretty much no better than Terrorist blackmailing for money, holding hostages of the commuters. Are those the act of people who responsible and care for safety of the passenger? I don’t think so. All you care is yourself for the raise, while everyone else who has less salary than you have to pay more to get to work. Common Sense? Asking for sympathy by screwing other people, if you are all educated you wouldn’t do that. While I am sure a lot of them are enjoying their strike day as a day off, and excuse to not working.

  • IndiePendy

    I have been union and non union in food industry. As a non-union supervisor, I make the SAME as a union bus boy and unlike him, have to pay for my benefits. I have a perfect attendance record, while union workers constantly call in sick and other nonsense. I can get canned on the spot while they need three write-ups. As a sup, I get the blame for not controlling these dimwits behavior. I choose to be a sup because I want to open a cafe of my own one day and it’s good experience. UNION workers can be just as corrupt as the management. I tell you, the only true way out of all this mess is to be an entrepreneur, where you have the power to be your own boss and pick and choose your employees.

    • marooned

      once upon a time i worked for BART, and i left to, ha-ha-ha- become a teacher (that is another story). every contract negotiation, management plays this game. what i find hard to believe is that ATU 1555 (my old union) has not learned to take the PR bull by the horns, and/or, get retired employees to run for this corrupt, ambitious, self-serving board of directors. the problem with all unions is that they have not realized that the rules of the game have changed, and it is necessary to beat management at their own game. of course, then, we have to discuss the problem of union bosses–sigh.

      • Andrew Susanto

        By screwing other people life? it is necessary? I see how your brain works

  • Guest_Columnist

    The BART strike (and system in general) is increasing income inequality in the Bay since most of BART’s income comes from fares and BART riders have an average income of ~$55,000 (http://blog.sfgate.com/abraham
    while the average income of BART employees is ~$115,000 (total compensation).
    Let there be no doubt, the cost of the raises/benefits come from those least
    able to afford it. Meanwhile, as the strike drags on, thousands of lower income
    individuals are paying even higher transportation costs, losing productive
    hours, or missing work as a result.

    Fortunately, this strike is forcing BART patrons to try alternative transportation options, ones that may well replace BART once the strike has ended. This along with the dissatisfaction among Bay residents (as seen by many posters and Bay area op-ed columnists) will cause a dip in ridership after the strike making BART
    raise their prices to account for fewer riders and increased labor costs.

    Now, I have to ask you, “Is the BART strike for the good of the Bay area?”.

    • Andrew Susanto

      Of course not, it is for their own good, increase salary means increase fare, which mean screwing more people in the process. But of course in their small tiny brain all they care or look is “HEY CHECK THAT 300 K salary B***ch management, I want that too! who cares about other people!”

    • Roman Manzanares

      yesssssssssss it is yes it is

      you columnist like all the media paid by the government are lying about the salaries of common bart workers you might be being paid by the greedy fat pigs from bart that make more than 200.000 plus dollars and benefits and all the perks they get

      compare those greedy salaries and tell me the common workers do not deserve a raise

      • Andrew Susanto

        OMG get your denial somewhere else, there are so many Angry commuters, if you don’t believe it try posting the list of names and addresses of people who are in strike plus photos we will see how many people throw tomatoes or yell at you when you met a really angry one.

  • Randall

    i worked for bart. pay 30.00 an hour 4 10’s 3 off. full benefits. medical. we used some $ to have employee parties during year. the hard life!

  • John Banks

    Bart is on strike until they help me with a job I can do from my wheelchair as there is no end to panhandling as i’m in need of emergency $$$$$ in cash for food and other expenses down the road and for emergency repairs on my power wheelchairs in my apt taking up space.
    I can be reach by mail at 988 Howard Street apt, # 411 San Francisco ca 94103

  • Philly

    BART should break the union and hire people who are unemployed and want to work for a fair salary. These workers are greedy!!!

  • Philly

    Stop deleting my messages

  • Chris

    I am a BART commuter and this strike has cost me 1200$ this week I do not care how much you think you deserve. Go back to work stop the crying be happy you have a job at all and remember that WE pay your bills. When is it ok for 2300 people to hold a region hostage over money?

  • galileo

    It is not the workers but the a..holes who are leading them…nothing but leeches who do not produce anything. The workers salaries are already exorbitant…they pay 90 bucks for health insurance a month and can have 15 kids covered if they wanted…they do not put in a single dime for thier future bloated pensions…and they want more. There is something very wrong with this picture.

    This rebellion must be crushed.

    I’m for the working man and unions but this time around here is where I draw the line. With all the benefits they have and the great pay from 50000 to 90000 a year on average and they are still complaining. They should not be trusted with a valuable public resource. They should be fired like Reagan fired the air traffic controlers. They wont know how good they had it till its gone…

  • Keanamalia

    We live in a state that is falling apart at the seams. For the BART workers to hold their
    riders hostage during a heat wave on a holiday is a sin. Where are the ethics and morals

    of people. These workers are not starving…..the negotiations will continue, a solution will be found that makes everyone happy. The 350,000 riders will not forget this, though.
    They were the ones thrown under the bus.

    • Andrew Susanto

      Yes hence why when they posted “this is a historic moment…” at their SIEU or ATU or WHATU OR WTFU whatever I posted “yeah it is historic moment where everyone going to remember how much they hate You strikers.”
      They are so proud of making other people suffer

  • tim

    We are deeply disappointed at the current situation with BART. We are proud of our jobs and work hard to get you where you need to go. Trust us when we say that we want to get back to work just as much as you want us to.
    We have tried for months to work with BART’s high-paid negotiators to address critical safety issues in the system. Workers have died because of the current lighting situation, but BART refuses to address this issue at the bargaining table. We want to open bathrooms in stations and keep them clean and safe, but BART won’t address that either. We want to ensure that the system is fully staffed so we have the capacity to keep trains, tracks, and riders safe.
    And yes, some of this is about fair pay. We gave up over $100 million in concessions in our last contract negotiations, and we haven’t had a raise in 5 years, yet the cost of living in the Bay Area has spiked by over 18%. Meanwhile ridership is at record high and the system is running at peak condition. We are being asked to do more, with fewer workers and less pay. Its not fair and it hurts our ability to serve the riding public.
    We work hard to get riders where they need to go quickly and safely, and as a result, BART has had back-to-back budget surpluses. We stepped up 4 years ago and agreed to freeze our pay, to help keep the system running. Now that their budget is flush, they are still asking us to make cuts and concessions. BART is telling the public that they have offered the workers a pay increase, but they aren’t telling you the whole story. They are also taking away more of our paycheck to fund our medical care and retirement security. They even admitted in bargaining that their latest offer would leave each BART worker with a net pay increase of just $1 per year for the next four years.
    We aren’t millionaires or members of the 1%. In fact, many of our workers have to struggle to support their families with the rising cost of living. We are asking for fair pay, adequate staffing, and a safer BART. And management refuses to discuss safety issues or make any serious proposals on staffing and pay.
    We remain willing and eager to return to the bargaining table at 6 pm to resolve this strike. The Bay Area – our families and friends included – is suffering and BART isn’t doing anything to stop it. In fact, every action that BART takes confirms to us that they have no interest in resolving this fairly and quickly. In fact, the General Manager refuses to come to the table or even speak to the press! Just like the riders of the Bay Area, we’ve been left stranded by BART.
    We are deeply disappointed, but are willing to return to the table, bargain in good faith, and we hope to end this strike as soon as possible. But we need your help to make sure that we have a willing partner in BART in order to end this strike.
    Please contact the General Manager at510-464-6060 and theBART Board of Directors at510-464-6095 during business hours to tell them you support the BART workers demands for safety for riders and workers. Urge them to stop playing games and bargain in good faith. Contact them at atboardofdirectors@bart.gov by email.

    • Andrew Susanto

      We don’t trust words, we like actions lol….Just like you don’t trust management as we dont trust them as well, we don’t trust you leaving 200 k people stranded. your words are not much better than management words.

      When you want support you should support the 200 K stranded people, everything is a mess company is in jeopardy because of lose of productivity? will you be able to pay all that loss? NOPE I DON’T THINK SO.

    • I don’t automatically accept that BART workers’ pay should keep pace with cost of living. It depends on where their standard of living is now. If they’re living pretty comfortably and those who will pay the costs of a raise aren’t, then maybe it’s the BART workers who should take a loss here. You (BART workers and those who claim to represent them) need to show us where the money for your raises is supposed to come from and why that source’s need for the money is less important than yours.

  • Bryan

    Thanks KQED for maintaining this useful and informative blog. I appreciate the well-edited summary of current news on the strike; however, this comment section is just an echo chamber where a small group of people argue back and forth over the same tired talking points. Why does it exist? I say keep the professional reporting and ditch the peanut gallery.

  • Madtp

    This strike must stop as it affects so many lives in so many ways. Those of us that have worked hard and are now retired cannot even move freely to care for one another. This is totally unacceptable.

  • steve whetstone

    People could get back to work immediately if management would just agree to fair pay for non-managers and accoutability for safety violations.

  • amysname

    Blackmail pure and simple. The Bay Area has made commuters dependent on B.A.R.T. Raised the Bridge Tolls to such a level that only people with no other option or those on an unlimited expense account, pay will so much money per day. These overpaid UNION WORKERS will get everything they want and the commuters will be the ones that will pay with additional costs. This whole thing is a charade as the management of BA.R.T. will then get raises in the same amount…..It’s disgusting!

  • Tony Cesnik

    The collective bargaining law needs to be changed. Binding arbitration should be mandatory and transit strikes outlawed. The governor should be mandated to order a 60 day cooling off period. Union busting consultants should be blaclisted and forbidden from working in California. Neither side is bargaining so a solution should be imposed by an arbitrater. We need to put this on an initiative in November.

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