Almost a week after FBI agents raided his office, Democratic state Sen. Ron Calderon returned to work at the state Capitol.

State Senator Ron Calderon makes a statement about an FBI raid on his office. (Scott Detrow / KQED)
State Sen. Ron Calderon makes a statement about an FBI raid on his office. (Scott Detrow / KQED)

Speaking to reporters for one minute and 20 seconds – he didn’t take any questions – Calderon said his “intention, at this point, is to do my job that I was elected to do, attend my hearings, get my bills passed out of committee and onto the floor, and do the work of the state.”

Calderon had been absent from the Capitol in the days immediately following the FBI raid.

The FBI and U.S. attorney’s office haven’t disclosed the focus of the probe, but several news outlets have reported it touches on the finances of a Los Angeles-area water district with ties to Calderon’s brother, Tom.

Standing in front of a portrait of Earl Warren, former California governor and United States chief justice, Calderon said, “My family and I have gone through a lot in the last several days. It’s been very stressful, very hard on all of us. We’re all very anxious to put this behind us and carry on a normal life.” Politics is the family profession for the Calderons: Ron is the third sibling to serve in the state Legislature. Calderon’s nephew, Ian, currently holds an Assembly seat.

Calderon referred all questions to Los Angeles attorney Mark Geragos, who has made a name for himself representing Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Scott Peterson and other celebrity defendants

A Week After FBI Raid, State Sen. Calderon Returns To Sacramento 10 June,2013Scott Detrow



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