Former Santa Clara County Supervisor George Shirikawa is facing new felony charges just two days before being sentenced for 12 prior criminal convictions, including misappropriation of public funds.

KQED’s Peter Jon Shuler reports the county district attorney is now charging Shirikawa with false impersonation in a controversial campaign mailer.

A Superior Court judge issued a new arrest warrant for Shirikawa this morning. The DA alleges that DNA evidence links Shirikawa to a fraudulent hit piece in a San Jose City Council race.

Shirikawa stepped down in March after pleading guilty to the previous charges, including using public funds for lavish dinners and gambling sprees.

The San Jose Mercury News reported that the new charge stems from a finding by the state attorney general’s office regarding an illegal mailer:

Shirakawa’s cells matched those on an illegal political hit piece mailed out in a 2010 San Jose City Council race between Xavier Campos, Shirakawa’s former aide, and Magdalena Carrasco, a child and family advocate.

The new charges come just a day after a special election to replace Shirikawa. That election resulted in July 30 runoff between labor leader Cindy Chavez and water district employee Teresa Alvarado.

Shirakawa pleaded guilty to earlier charges of misusing public money as shown in this ABC7 video:

DNA Used in New Charge Against Former Santa Clara Supervisor 5 June,2013KQED News Staff

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