Santa Clara County Jail recently announced plans to limit the type of mail inmates receive in jail to the size of a postcard. Steeda McGruder, founder of Sisters That Been There, a support group for women who have been formerly incarcerated, holds up daily letters she receives from inmates. She calls these their lifelines. (Jean Melesaine / San Jose Beez)


Rain early this week provided some much-needed moisture to Bay Area plants. Here, rain droplets linger on the leaves of a bay laurel. (Dan Brekke / KQED)


An immersive video wraps around a room in the Oakland Museum of California, giving visitors a feel for the swirling flora and fauna that live in Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, one of seven locations featured in the new Gallery of California Natural Sciences. (Michael Osborne / KQED)

About 200 people gathered at the USS San Francisco Memorial at Lands End on San Francisco’s west side Sunday afternoon to remember the sailors and marines who gave their lives aboard that ship. A color guard carried flags into the ceremony, honoring those who have served in the U.S. military. (Tom Prete / Ocean Beach Bulletin)


After years of cutbacks at California’s community colleges, campuses are starting to restore some of the courses slashed during the recession. Bekki Zarco is taking summer courses at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose after struggling to get classes she needs during the regular school year. (Charla Bear / KQED)

News Pix: Nature Video at Oakland Museum; Community Colleges Add Summer Courses 31 May,2013Katrina Schwartz

  • what is the point of this thing with the letters to inmates? what a ridiculous restriction! has anyone come up with a reason for this?



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