• Sarah S

    okay…maybe it’s just me but I really do not see a difference, aside from art style. The hair looks about the same, the waist looks about the same, and the cut height on her neckline isn’t done all that consistently even between these two poses.

    So…what’s the big deal? Are parents really that artistically challenge that they think one artist style is more sexualized than a 3d model? Do I care for this style? No–I think it looks plastic and the shading is crap. But I don’t see the controversy…

  • comic

    Don’t really care.But could they not get it right the first time? Or are they just trying to draw attention for some reason? Of all of the issues in the worid, this is nothing to worry about. 210,000 people signing a petetion? Really? If this ends up on TMZ, i’m going to freak.