• runutz2

    People are talking about the death penalty! The live capture of the younger of the pair is an opportunity to try to understand the phenomenon of radicalization. This 19 yr old was left under the control and influence of a brother 7 years his senior who did express his conversion to radical religious zeal. They come from a paternalistic culture and his parents weren’t there to guide him. Up to the point of the bombing, Dzhokar was like any other teen. His behavior was generally pleasant and compliant. This ‘follower’ mentality along with a strong familial bond and loyalty tragically led him to involvement in a horrific situation. Killing him will not bring anyone back. Studying him in context of his culture, age, and his relationship to his only family support can enlighten us to domestic and foreign terrorism and acts of violence by seemingly normal young men and women. We need to rise above the temptation to lynch someone in retribution – we would gain so much in understanding his behavior.

  • paxdonnaverde

    I agree with runutz2. This is a young many who speaks 6 languages and could certainly be of great use to our intelligence agencies. He has certainly done grave harm but he has some gifts & insights that might prevent future attacks. St. Paul killed many Christians before his conversion.