The question dragged on for months: Should Henry Alvarez remain in charge of the San Francisco Housing Authority?

Finally. on Tuesday the San Francisco Housing Authority Commission voted unanimously to terminate Alvarez’s contract, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

San Francisco City Hall (jivedanson_Flikr)

The Chronicle took some credit for the decision, touting its “myriad stories” that, well, chronicled the allegations against Alvarez:

They include three lawsuits filed by employees, dozens of complaints made to Mayor Ed Lee’s top staff saying Alvarez was a bully, a federal review of the agency giving it one of the two lowest scores in the state and a federal investigation looking at allegations of illegal contracting.

The San Francisco Examiner reported that Alvarez’s contract will finish before its June 12 end date, but Alvarez will get paid as if he were still on the job:

Since the commission voted to terminate the agreement for reasons other than failing to meet the job’s performance standards, Alvarez will receive full compensation, including cashing out any accrued time off. Agency officials did not disclose the specific reasons for the termination, calling it a personnel matter

Alvarez has been on medical leave since February, The Examiner reported, adding that Barbara Smith remains the agency’s acting director.

San Francisco Housing Authority Director Terminated 10 April,2013Laird Harrison

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