California already boasts some of the toughest gun-control measures in the nation: assault weapon and high-capacity magazine bans in addition to mandatory 10-day waiting periods, gun purchasing limits and background checks at gun shows.

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But as states such as New York, Colorado and Connecticut have reacted to the December 2012 Newtown shootings by passing firearms limits rivaling California’s, Democrats in Sacramento are pushing to tighten Golden State gun restrictions even more.

One of the more controversial bills introduced this year is Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner’s AB 48, which would require every dealer selling ammunition in California to register with the state and create a database of ammunition purchases. The Assembly’s Public Safety Committee approved the measure Tuesday morning.

“When you want to buy a gun, you have to buy it from a licensed dealer,” the Contra Costa County Democrat argued before the vote. “You show ID, the record of the sale is kept. And you’re checked against a database so if you happen to be in the category of prohibited persons, you’re prevented from buying a gun.”

Skinner said the next logical step is to create a database for ammunition. “You would not be prevented from buying bullets. … There’s no waiting period. You can successfully buy the bullets.  But if you happen to be on [the Department of Justice’s database of people prohibited from buying firearms], then local law enforcement or DOJ can intervene.”

The measure would also bar the sale of equipment designed to alter guns so they can hold more than 10 ammunition rounds, and automatically alert police when a person purchases more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition within a five-day window.

Rather than opposing the bill’s data-collection aspects, the Gun Owners of California and other firearms rights groups honed in on the measure’s technical language when they testified against the legislation.

Pointing out wording barring the “transferring” or “furnishing” of ammunition without a license, Gun Owners of California Executive Director Sam Paredes warned that AB 48 would make it illegal for a parent to hand a bullet to his or her child at a firing range. “The Boy Scouts wouldn’t be able to have hunter safety instruction or shooting merit badges,” he said. “No organization would be able to transfer firearms ammunition to a user, so they could legally use it.”

Skinner said she’s happy to change the legislation’s language, but voiced skepticism the technical changes would lead the Gun Owners of California, National Rifle Association or similar groups to back her bill.

Ammunition Registration Bill Clears California Assembly Committee 3 April,2013Scott Detrow

  • John of the Korrupt California

    Infringment on the 2nd Amendment. Hands down. If the law they passed banning online ammo sales was struck down before it even left California, how do they expect this to pass the Constitutional test? Answer is that it WON’T. There are very very very wealthy, powerful and connected attorneys in California who support the 2nd Amendment, unlike the “progressive” brown shirts. They will sue the State, the State will waste more money that could go towards roads, bridges and helping the underpriviledged and the ultimate result will be the status quo.

    Oh, but Skinner will raise some money from Elitist idiots in California for her campaign. Have no fear of that!

  • John

    Another joke by the democrats. Keep pushing things that add cost to our state, then raise taxes again! You just don’t get it! Wake up liberals and liberal politicians! Liberals don’t use the laws we have today, what good is a law if you don’t enforce it. Enforce the ones we have first. You people are not smart enough to realize this does nothing to the criminals it only effects law obiding citizens and costs them more money. And again will effect small business’s, but as we know California doesn’t care about jobs. They just spend money they don’t generate money. I own a very large business and I am moving it out of California taking with it 100 jobs and all of its tax dollars. Keep pushing California, you will continue to spiral. Funny how this connection is, California is the largest Liberal/democratic state and it happens to be the state thanks in the worst shape. 2 plus 2 equals 4.

    California you will NOT take away my second amendment right!


Scott Detrow

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