Prop8Crowds of people outside the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C protest the Defense of Marriage Act on Wednesday, March 27. (Jacob Fenston/KQED)

PhotoWeek130329rainbowflagOn Tuesday March 26, the rainbow flag was raised over Berkeley City Hall to mark arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court on Proposition 8. It also flew the following day, during arguments on the Defense of Marriage Act. (Lance Knobel/Berkeleyside)

PhotoWeek130329devilsslideThe Devil’s Slide Tunnels south of Pacifica and north of Half Moon Bay are finally open after decades of environmental battles and years of construction. The tunnels are meant to solve the safety and erosion problems that have plagued that notorious stretch of Highway 1 since it was built. They consist of two bores each about 4,200 feet long and each with one lane and wide shoulder. (Jenny Oh/KQED)

PhotoWeek130329exploratoriuSan Francisco’s Exploratorium is set to reopen in its new location on Pier 15 on April 17. The Bay Observatory is in a newly-constructed part of the building. There are views of San Francisco Bay on one side, and the Transamerica Pyramid on the other. (David Livingston/EHDD)

bay bridge boltsSteel rods on the new eastern span of the Oakland-San Francisco Bay bridge were found broken when workers returned to check fittings. Engineers still aren’t sure how they will fix the problem. (Deborah Svoboda/KQED)

PhotoWeek130329traindeathDonae James Johnican, a 16-year-old Lincoln High School student, was struck and killed by a train last week. More than 300 family, students, and community members from San Jose came together at a vigil to remember and celebrate this promising musician and talented young artist. He was remembered by his uncle as “giving his love easily and to everyone.” (Charisse Domingo/San Jose Beez)

PhotoWeek130329baseballCal baseball has 121 years of history, including 80 at Evans Diamond in Berkeley. But the team added to the annals of history on Thursday night with its first-ever night game under lights at Evans. Two years ago, the baseball team was facing extinction, the victim of athletic department cuts. Team alumni and supporters rallied to raise the money to keep it going and fund the lights. (Ted Friedman/Berkeleyside)

hinkleyCrews are demolishing houses as hundreds of families move out of Hinkley to escape chromium 6 pollution in the water. (Chris Richard/KQED)

News Pix: Prop. 8 Oral Arguments, Bay Bridge Bolts Snap, Devil’s Slide Tunnel Opens 28 April,2014Katrina Schwartz


Katrina Schwartz

Katrina Schwartz is a journalist based in San Francisco. She’s worked at KPCC public radio in LA and has reported on air and online for KQED since 2010. She’s a staff writer for KQED’s education blog MindShift.

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