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Proposition 8: Follow the Action in D.C. Through Tweets and Photos 28 April,2014Rachael Bale

  • If Flop 8 is dismissed on ‘standing’ with no ruling, that means ALL successful gay couples’ appeals state to state will be unchallenged by SCOTUS (no Gov/AG will risk a trial)


    If Woman A, has been living in a committed household with her soul mate Woman B for 30 years, Antigays claim Woman A has no constitutional right to marry her soul mate.

    Simply because Woman A does not have a penis.

    Antigays insist that no other requirement is necessary for her to exercise her constitutional right to marry the law-abiding partner of her choice but to have a penis that she neither possesses, nor wants to possess. Ever.

    Nor can Woman B marry woman A, even though they are in a committed love relationship of many more years than most str8 “marriages” tend to last.


    Enter Man C, just out of prison for battering his second wife: Antigays say he may be left free to exercise his constitutional right to marry Woman A, OR Woman B, and divorce and marry others as often as he’d like, if given the chance.

    Unlike the marriage rights of Woman A & B, which Antigays seem intent on trampling, Man C’s marriage rights remain 100% intact, because he is heterosexual, and he
    presumably has a penis.

    For this and no other reason, he may exercise the precise civil right, that Woman A is being denied. Because he has a penis, and she does not.

    That, is illegal discrimination 101: marriage bans are not surviving federal court scrutiny now, and cannot ever be expected to survive any future legal scrutiny under oath, in
    a court of law, no matter how much “chikin” a selection of Antigays are willingto stand in line and wait for or how many “faithful” get bussed into D.C. for the day.

    *Mysterious Ways*, notwithstanding. (And, ironically, no proponent will ever prove standing to take their illegal ban all the way to SCOTUS in the cases to come…)

    (today’s fad of illegal“constitutional” marriage bans is guaranteed to get GUTTED by a US constitution that contains NO language whatsoever that supports irrational “law” making
    based solely in animus and very little else of civic value.)

    And America will become “more American”, for it.

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