alcatraz-millipedeMore than a million visitors visit Alcatraz every year, but a recent discovery has revealed another attraction that lives within the shadows of this historic prison. A recent search for rats on the island turned up millipedes glowing intensely white instead. UC Davis entomologists are hard at work determining whether the millipedes are a known subspecies of Xystocheir dissecta the species commonly found around San Francisco Bay.(Jenny Oh/KQED)


On March 25, almost eight years after breaking ground, Caltrans expects to open the Devil’s Slide tunnel that will link Pacifica and Montara. Devil’s Slide will be the longest road tunnel in California at 4,342 feet northbound and 4,585 feet southbound. At the northern end, a 1,000-foot bridge will connect the tunnel to the valley at Shamrock Ranch. (Jenny Oh/KQED)


Adam Luftman, (left) plays the first trumpet for the Opera, and Bruce Roberts, (right) plays the horn in the SF Symphony. Both men performed during a protest to ask for SF Symphony musician wage increases at Davies Hall on Thursday, March 21. The SF Symphony has been on strike for more than a week. (Deborah Svoboda/KQED)


California’s air quality chief found a victory of sorts in this week’s decision by Texas-based Valero Energy to keep two California refineries. “This Texas-based oil company that thought you couldn’t do business in the state of California is now deciding that they can stay here, and that they can make money and comply with our rules, I think is a hopeful sign,” said Mary D. Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board. Valero’s Benicia refinery can process 170,000 barrels or crude oil per day. (Craig Miller/KQED)

News Pix: Alcatraz’s Glowing Millipedes, Devil’s Slide Construction and SF Symphony Strike 23 March,2013Lisa Pickoff-White

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