Update: Most venues listed on Michelle Shocked’s tour appear to have canceled her shows in the wake of her anti-gay remarks on Sunday in San Francisco.

Original post:

Folk singers just don’t get up on stage in San Francisco and rant against gays. It doesn’t happen. But on Sunday, Michelle Shocked apparently did just that.

The audience cleared out of Yoshi’s where Shocked had been performing, and management turned out the lights and cut off the mic, the Bay Area Reporter says.

The news came as particular shock because Shocked had been known for her progressive politics in the past.

Reverberations continued Monday elsewhere on Twitter.

George Kelly of the Bay Area News Group offered this Storify collection of social media reports on the incident:

Michelle Shocked Empties San Francisco Yoshi’s with Anti-Gay Remarks 19 March,2013Laird Harrison

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  • JayinNovato

    There’s not really much to think about this “story” since we’re only told that she made “anti-gay” remarks. Just what were the remarks? We’re not told.. Guess we’ll have to take your word for it. I’ll have to see if the actual story is reported somewhere else .. maybe SF Gate?

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