A vintage baby grand piano that became a beachside attraction in Half Moon Bay has sounded its last note.

Local artist Mauro Ffortissimo’s project ended yesterday in a blaze of glory, as you can see below. His original concept was to let the elements have their way with the sound of the already rusty and untunable piano. But city code enforcement officials told him he couldn’t continue without a permit. So he decided he would play while the piano burned.

“There’s a way, I don’t know if you heard at Burning Man, when they do the effigy, you use the kind of fire accelerator that you could brush over and basically you have the whole silhouette catch on fire before it burns, so you’ll see the whole piano on fire,” he said before the performance. “And by then I think I will walk away.”

Ffortissimo said he plans to use the charred remains of the piano in his sculptures.

Lars Howlett Photography

The aftermath …


More photos from Lars Howlett Photography here.

Video report on the musical conflagration …


And here’s a Feb 9 performance at sunset you’ll probably wish you’d been at …

Photos, Video: Half Moon Bay Pianist Plays Piano on Fire 18 February,2013KQED News Staff

  • davd f. kennedy

    I suggest that every year for two weeks something similar be done. Think of the possibilities!

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