Update Oct. 1: Covered California, the state’s website at which you can purchase health insurance for 2014, is now open.  Use the site’s Shop and Compare tool here.

More resources for Californians here.

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As Lisa Aliferis reported on our State of Health blog, California unveiled a revised website on Wednesday for Covered California, the state-run online health insurance marketplace mandated by the Affordable Care Act — aka Obamacare. Part of the update was an online calculator that will give you an estimate of what you’ll pay for health insurance when buying on the online exchange. The exchange opens for business Oct. 1, and your coverage would start Jan 1, 2014. The calculator takes into account the estimated subsidy you’ll be eligible for under the law.

Click on the image below to go to the calculator.


For more of an explanation on what types of plans will be available and how much they will cost, see this State of Health post.

Online Calculator: Find How Much You’ll Pay For Health Insurance Under Obamacare 1 October,2013Jon Brooks

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