Gray whales are migrating from Alaska to Baja California, and passing the San Francisco Bay Area along the way. Wildlife photographer David Cruz posted this video of gray whales over the weekend.



This video from SilverCTguy shows another whale sighting a couple of weeks earlier from the same location, Lands End, San Francisco:



The Point Reyes National Seashore website explains why the whales migrate every year around this time.

Porpoises, too, are visiting the bay, after decades of absence.

Biologists are researching what’s brought them back, and soliciting citizens’ reports, as you can see in this light-hearted music video by the National Wildlife Federation:


A lot of other wildlife has appeared to human eyes in recent weeks because of unusual weather, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Editors there have compiled a photo gallery of bobcats, a coyote, and a surfing dolphin.

And David Cruz has more on Flickr.

Videos: Whales, Porpoises Visit San Francisco Area 4 February,2013Laird Harrison

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