A young Raiders fan during a 2011 game in Oakland. (Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
A young Raiders fan during a 2011 game in Oakland. (Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

If you’re an Oakland Raiders fan, you probably feel one of three ways about the outcome of Sunday’s Super Bowl.

You’re disappointed. Sure, the Raiders didn’t make the big game. But it would’ve been nice for the San Francisco 49ers to beat the Baltimore Ravens and bring the Vince Lombardi Trophy back to the Bay Area. Of course, that didn’t happen: the 49ers lost 34-31. So there’s at least a small part of you that feels let down.

You’re indifferent. The Raiders weren’t playing in the game. So who cares?

You’re joyful. 49ers fans were acting so high and mighty with their undefeated Super Bowl record and five Lombardi Trophies. It’s nice to see them brought down a notch or two through a Super Bowl loss.

Some Raiders have been expressing that feeling of satisfaction in the 49ers’ loss by gloating in Tweets and posts on Facebook. Some 49ers fans have responded with anger and retorts about the Raiders’ losing record in recent years.

Here’s a look at how the cross-Bay war of Tweets and status updates is playing out.

How Oakland Raiders Fans Feel About the San Francisco 49ers Losing the Super Bowl 4 February,2013

  • mr Raider

    Raider Nation, there were a few predictions the niners would loose. But….”Who said it better than us!” Lmfao!

    • Yeah, we heard it coming from the couches of Raider fans.

  • turgid

    niner fans watch the loss while sitting on the couch.
    whine whine whine. mad niner fans

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