San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Fire Chief Joanne Hayes White and Police Chief Greg Suhr visited the Mission Wednesday to talk with merchants and residents about efforts to prevent violence and vandalism in the wake of this weekend’s Super Bowl. The mayor came dressed in his 49ers finery, as you can see in this photo by Deborah Svoboda …

Fire Chief Joanne Hayes White walks with Mayor Ed Lee as they visit merchants in the Mission District neighborhood to highlight the cities efforts to respond to the outcome of the 49ers game on Sunday. (Deborah Svoboda/KQED)
Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White walks with Mayor Ed Lee as they visit merchants in the Mission to highlight police preparation for Super Sunday. (Deborah Svoboda/KQED)

Yeah,  we thought the same thing: caption contest! We asked our fans on Facebook what they thought Lee and White were discussing. Here are some of the best responses we received.

  • “Hey, chief, check out my jacket. It’s on fire!” – Chris Bliss
  • “When will the rest of our Village People tribute band show up for the picture?” – Josh Simpson
  • “I can get you Super Bowl tickets.” – Jane Lloyd
  • “I thought you said everyone was going to wear red?” – Candice Novak
  • “Hey girl.” – Beverly Minges
  • “Admit it, chief. Don’t I look so fly?” – Sue Fernandez
  • “You know mayor, they won’t be in SF next year, right?” – Jim Yu
  • “This invisible cigar was given to me by Willie Brown.” – Jon Brooks

There also was actual news to report on Wednesday. Suhr assured those in the Mission that officers will be on-guard against inappropriate behavior and public drunkenness. Mayor Lee says he wants to avoid a repeat of the destructive celebrations that followed the Giants’ World Series victory last year. You can hear more about police preparations by listening to KQED’s Stephanie Martin interview Officer Albie Esparza, a spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department …

Dressing For 49ers Success With San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee 31 January,2013

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