If you’re interested in watching the big or relatively big or who knows, really, right now how big announcement by Facebook yesterday on its new social search feature, you can see it below. The company did not stream the event live, and we know some of you will want to hear it straight from the Zuck’s mouth, where you can see the slides and everything…

KQED’s Ian Hill yesterday broke down the implications of the new product this way…

What does that mean for you? It could soon be easier to get recommendations from Facebook on what to read, what bands and musicians to check out and what restaurants to visit. As CNN notes, Graph Search will generate results for queries like “Italian restaurants liked by my friends from Italy.”

Many observers seem to be really impressed. Others … not quite yet.

Here are some various takes on the new tool:

The stock market, for its part, is not impressed.

Video Replay: Facebook Graph Search Announcement 16 January,2013Jon Brooks

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