Want to know what the Bay Area coast will look like in years to come? Tides are rising to a their highest levels of the year Thursday and Friday. A rare juxtaposition of the sun and moon is pulling the water two or three feet above its normal levels, and has caused minor flooding around the Bay Area, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

But such tides will not be unusual by the middle of the century as a result of climate change, according to projections being used by the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission. So walking around the seashore this week, you may get a glimpse of the future.

Here are photos and video collected on social media sites, mostly on Wednesday as the sea was rising but not yet at its projected crest. Some were contributed to the California King Tides Initiative, a collaborative effort of state agencies and nonprofit organizations to document what high tides will do to the coasts.

More photos and video below…

Photos and Video: King Tides May Give a Glimpse of Bay Area’s Climate Change Future 13 December,2012Laird Harrison

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