Statement from the Governor’s office…

The Governor’s Office today announced that Governor Brown is undergoing treatment for localized prostate cancer.

Dr. Eric Small, Brown’s oncologist at UCSF, issued the following statement: “Fortunately, this is early stage localized prostate cancer, which is being treated with a short course of conventional radiotherapy. The prognosis is excellent, and there are not expected to be any significant side effects.”

Governor Brown is continuing a full work schedule during the treatment, which is expected to be completed the week of January 7, 2013.

Brown is 74 years old. In April, 2011, Brown had a cancerous growth removed from his nose. At the time of that incident, the governor’s office announced Brown had also had a “small spot of basal cell carcinoma removed near his right ear,” according to the LA Times.

KQED health editor Lisa Aliferis says Gov. Brown is now one of 240,000 men expected to be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year, according to American Cancer Society estimates. Although 28,000 men will die of the disease in 2012, the organization says, “most men diagnosed with prostate cancer do not die from it.”

Aliferis says that controversy swirls around one highly publicized form of prostate cancer screening, the PSA test, with one major government group recommending against it, contending it does not save lives. How Gov. Brown was diagnosed has not been announced.

Jerry Brown Undergoing Treatment For Prostate Cancer 12 December,2012Jon Brooks

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