Update, Dec. 26, 2015: The map described below is now published through RentHub. The most current version for the Bay Area is embedded above.

Original post (Dec. 10, 2012): A few weeks back we shared an interesting map by the real estate startup Kwelia, showing residential rents by Bay Area zip code. The most expensive zip codes were in red, while the cheapest were in light yellow.

On Sunday Kwelia launched an update to the map that’s pretty nifty – it’s now interactive and organized by census tract. The interactive features allow users to zoom in on specific neighborhoods and communities and learn the median cost per square foot of renting in those areas.

As we noted in our previous post, Kwelia says its research is based on publicly available data. It shows that the cheapest residential rents in the region are in the far East Bay, while the most expensive are in San Francisco and Palo Alto.

Check out the map above to learn more.

An Interactive Map of the Cheapest Places to Rent in the Bay Area 26 December,2015

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