Are you a klutz in the kitchen? Or just suffering from holiday performance anxiety? The high-tech wizards of the Bay Area stand ready to assist.

To begin with, San Francisco’s Chow Magazine is offering a series of online videos about such things as Thanksgiving salad, and even how to stuff a turkey with a Twinkie (which may become difficult since Hostess stopped baking last week.)

Still stumped about stuffing? Perplexed about pumpkin? Mashable has put together a different collection of Thanksgiving how-to YouTube videos.

But not everyone has a computer monitor suspended over their stove. If that’s your situation, watch this guide to Thanksgiving apps by CNET (which is also headquartered in San Francisco):

Now you have no excuse. Boot up and cook!

How Bay Area Technologists Can Fix Your Thanksgiving Fixings 19 November,2012Laird Harrison

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