Here’s MLB Commissioner Bud Selig using his bully pulpit to shed some light on the ongoing A’s-to-San Jose question on Thursday, in response to a question on the matter…

To catch you up on the story, which has been going on as long as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the minds of the team’s fans…

The A’s want to move to San Jose and San Jose wants the A’s to move to San Jose but the Giants, who own the territorial rights to the area, don’t want the A’s to move to San Jose.

MLB is currently “reviewing” the situation, and has been doing so for 1342 days now, by the count of

Yesterday’s request for a status update was made by the Sports Business Journal’s Eric Fisher. CSN Bay Area’s Ray Ratto explains Selig’s trenchant reply this way:

Selig knows he can’t answer the question, because the owners who will decide this issue one way or another haven’t coalesced to provide him one. And the questioner, Eric Fisher of the Sports Business Journal, knows it as well. It’s not an unfair question, but it is one that is ultimately aimed at the wrong person.

So Selig dropped the F-bomb on the question, not on the topic. The question only puts him in a jam, so he pungently rejected the question. The issue? Still no further along than it has been, and it won’t be until the A’s either put a shovel in the ground, the Giants threaten lawyers, or the other 28 owners decide this is an issue worthy of their care.

Back in May, Selig caused a little stir when he made some comments that area A’s-to-San-Jose-ologists interpreted as taking the South Bay option off the table.

So maybe a profanity is Selig’s best communications option at this point after all. In any event, it does seem to capture the essence of MBL’s dilatory “process,” if that’s the right word.

Video: Bud Selig Answers A’s-to-San Jose Question With a Profanity 16 November,2012Jon Brooks

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