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Cleanup crews are continuing to work in a Daly City neighborhood that inundated with mud Tuesday.

The flood started when an 8-inch city water pipe broke, sending 45,000 gallons of water from a reservoir downhill and churning mud onto Lausanne Avenue and nearby streets. Photos of the scene show cars stucks in several feet of mud. Here’s how the San Francisco Chronicle described some of the damage and its impact.

The sudden river of water left a deep crevasse in the hillside, about 20 feet wide and just as deep. Officials don’t yet know how much mud flowed down the hill but it was enough to smother a nearby park several feet deep and streak down Lausanne Avenue for several blocks.

Twelve houses just below the hill were evacuated for five hours while engineering crews inspected the mudslide to make sure it was stable and posed no threat of a landslide. About 100 houses had minor inconveniences because of the main break, including low water pressure.

A resident gives his reaction to the mudslide in this video from the San Jose Mercury News.

The Mercury News also interviewed Patrick Sweetland, director of the Daly City sewer and water department:

He said the age of the cast iron pipe was a “critical factor” in the leak, as the strength of the lines can be compromised with time. But what caused it to finally “shear off” Tuesday was unclear, Sweetland said.

Both the Mercury News and the Chronicle have photos of the mudslide. You can also check out these photos which were Tweeted by local news organizations and reporters Tuesday.

What a Daly City Neighborhood Looks Like After a Mudslide 14 November,2012

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