Photo of today's eclipse by Nick Thompson/Flickr.

Sky watchers Down Under – and probably a few floating on the Pacific Ocean – were treated to a celestial show earlier today during what National Geographic called “one of the century’s most remote total solar eclipses.” The best place to view the total eclipse from land was in northeast Australia. Otherwise, viewers had to be at sea or in front of a computer to watch the moon completely blot out the sun. There were at least two live video streams of the event, including this stream from NASA and Australia’s Tourism Tropical North Queensland and the Astronomical Association of Queensland.

Californians were able to view a solar eclipse in May; you can see photos and video of that event here.

For photos of today’s eclipse, check out this popular Storify by a news organization in Australia.

Photos: ‘One of the Century’s Most Remote Solar Eclipses’ 13 November,2012

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