The San Francisco Giants swept the Detroit Tigers in the fourth game of the World Series on Sunday night. The Bay Area celebrated the win with a parade featuring the players on Wednesday, October 31st. (Wendy Goodfriend/KQED)

After the Giants won the world series on Sunday night fans poured into the streets of San Francisco to celebrate. The party got rowdy, there were fires, arrests and even a little vandalism. (Lizzy Acker/KQED)

As part of Dia de los Muertos SOMArts asked local artists to erect large-scale altars. Artist Martha Rodriguez focused on her father, Jacob Rodriguez, an aspiring singer, in his early twenties. The butterfly carries spirits of the deceased to the afterlife.

Rodriguez: “One month before I was diagnosed with Leukemia in October 2010, I felt the presence of my father, who had passed away nine years earlier. It was odd that after years of being gone, he suddenly returned to me. The feeling of his presence came in the form of sharing the same space. I went about doing my artwork and tasks and took him with me.” (Catherine Borgeson/KQED)

Measure S, a proposal to ban sitting on sidewalks in Berkeley’s business districts from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., is probably the most controversial item on the city’s ballot. Supporters of S have poured more than $90,000 into the campaign. Here, a group of homeless people sit on the sidewalk on Shattuck Avenue in downtown Berkeley. (Emilie Raguso/Berkeleyside)

Measure T, which would allow some larger developments in West Berkeley, may be the second most controversial item on the Berkeley ballot. Some residents of West Berkeley worry that Measure T will change the eclectic nature of the neighborhood. (Dan Brekke/KQED)

It’s a hard time to find an affordable place in San Francisco. Rents have climbed 10 percent at a time of year when they’re normally going down. Exasperating the problem, The city lost millions of dollars in low-income housing funding when Gov. Jerry Brown dissolved redevelopment agencies back in February.  Supporters of Proposition C on the Nov. 6 ballot are asking voters to earmark funding for affordable housing and down payment assistance. (Catherine Borgeson/KQED)

Dancers from the Golden Gate Bavarian Club wowed the crowd with traditional costumes and energetic moves at the first ever Oktoberfest at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond. (Sarah Phelan/Richmond Confidential)

Manhattan streets were vacant and dark the day after Hurricane Sandy stormed through. While not an image of Bay Area news, many here have family or loved ones who’ve weathered the storm. Our Audio Archivist took this photo while waiting for his flight to be rescheduled. (David Marks/KQED)



News Pix: Giants Win World Series, Dia de Los Muertos, and Local Elections Heat Up 2 November,2012Katrina Schwartz


Katrina Schwartz

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